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Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness -25,000 uGrafts

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  • Severely Bald Norwood 6 Patient Before Body Hair Transplant

Severe baldness is typically defined as  Norwood 6  and Norwood 7  stages of hair loss.  The patient in this  update video was at a Norwood 6 level when he came to see Dr. Umar. Advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was used to reverse his baldness. His overall treatment is truly the first of its kind with the usage of 25,000 hair grafts. This was achieved across three sessions. 1st- 15,000 2nd- 5,000 3rd- 5,000 The donor pool for this patient was harvested from multiple sources including: 1) head 2) beard area 3) chest 4) abdomen 5) arms 6) legs Advanced […]

Hairline and Temple Restoration – 3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction

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  • Hairline Restoration| Follicular Unit Extraction

Male pattern baldness occurs in stages.  The hairline will start to recede.  And eventually, the temples will also start to erode. Many people, like the patient in this video,  become increasing dissatisfied with their appearance. The gentleman in this video started losing hair when he was about 28 years old.  The hair loss continued for another twenty years.  He became aware of how unhappy he was with his appearance and decided to undergo a hair restoration procedure. Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction With uGraft In order to restore the temples, hairline and frontal areas, Dr. Umar created a donor pool of […]

Severe Baldness Reversed With 12,000 UGrafts

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  • Patient After First and Second BHT Operations| 12000 Grafts of Body and Head Hair

This severely bald patient chose hair restoration because he was not satisfied with commonly recommended solutions for his level of hair loss: (1) wearing a hair piece (2) shaving his head Instead, he wanted full coverage by having real hair on his head. Those with extreme baldness are normally rejected as hair restoration candidates due to a shortage of donor grafts. However, with the uGraft surgical system, it is possible to compensate for this limitation through the use of body follicles. Extracting body follicles requires a more specialized approach. The available FUE tools are not sufficient for this process. Due […]

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results On Male Patient with 300 UGrafts of Leg Hair

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  • Male Patient Before His Eyebrow Hair Transplant

This male patient wanted to have thicker, more well defined eyebrows. His existing brow hairs were quite sparse and hardly noticeable. After a family member made a comment at a party, he felt even more self conscious. Using uGraft To Extract Leg Hairs For Eyebrow Restoration Eyebrow transplant procedures conventionally use follicles taken from the head. These hairs are noticeable much thicker than real brow hair. When inserted, the results can appear very harsh and awkward. Leg hair is much finer. And because of this characteristic, a greater number can be used.  Dr. Umar also explains that leg hair grows […]

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results with 450 UGrafts – Nape Hair

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  • Patient Featured on KNBC Before Her Surgery

There are many individuals who wish to have fuller and thicker brows. But they may not be able to simply let their hair grow. The patient in the video below was as also featured on the Good Morning America segment where Dr. Umar was interviewed for his work in eyebrow hair transplant procedures. She had been plucking her brows for many years. And due to aging and hormonal changes, she lost nearly all the hairs in this region.  To help compensate for this,  she relied on tattoos for her eyebrows. This approach required constant maintenance in the form of reapplication […]

Dr. Umar’s Hair Transplant Interview on the Tom Joyner Show

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  • Hair Loss & Genetics|Male Pattern Baldness|Androgenic Alopecia

Dr. Umar was recently invited as a guest on the Tom Joyner radio show to speak about hair loss and hair restoration.  Here is the recording of the entire interview. The Tom Joyner radio show is nationally syndicated. Since  2005, it has developed an audience of about 8 million listeners.  Other guests of the show have included: Michelle Obama Alicia Keys Whitney Houston Questions Answered By Dr. Umar On Baldness and Hair Transplant When introducing Dr. Umar, Tom described him as being “so respected as the foremost authority in the field of restoring and repairing severely bald cases that people […]

Beautiful Eyebrow Transplant with 350 FUE Grafts

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  • Patient's Sparse Brows Before Surgery

This woman was not happy with her thinning eyebrows, which were growing more sparse from a combination of over-plucking and genetics. She loved the refined femininity that Brooke Shields’ brows provide. It was her goal to do away with cosmetic penciling and permanently attain a look similar to the popular actress. She came to Dr. Umar with the decision to pursue follicular unit extraction eyebrow transplant in his expert care. Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Umar She desired fuller brows with more length, and a sophisticated arch, but she wanted them to remain natural-looking and feminine. Dr. Umar’s answered her requests […]

Body Hair Transplant with uGraft Restores Extreme NW 7 Hair Loss

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  • Hair Transplant Cost| Info For Patients

At and extreme NW 7 on the scale of male pattern baldness, this patient would be turned away by any other hair restoration clinic in the world as a hopeless case. That was his experience before he visited Dr Umar at DermHair clinic in Redodo beach Caifornia. He was forced to use a hairpiece to conceal the badly balding top half of his head. When he came to DermHair Clinic, he was wearied of his confinement to the hairpiece and wanted the freedom of permanent, real hair. Body hair transplant (BHT) the uGraft methods was the solution he was looking […]

FUE Hair Transplant Gives Conservative Density for Buzz Cut

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  • Patient Prior to His FUE Hair Transplant

This 23-year-old patient was suffering an extreme level of thinning hair, particularly for such an early age. He’d maintained a buzz cut in order to help minimize the appearance of his hair loss. But this short hairstyle was no longer doing the trick. He would need a transplant to see improvement, but his naturally thin donor regions and lack of body hair, drastically limited his options. The scar from a strip procedure would undermine his buzz cut. The only treatment available to him was an FUE hair transplant using a low graft count. Dr. Umar’s Conservative FUE Hair Transplant The […]

Body Hair Transplant of 5,000 Grafts for FUE Repair

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  • Hair Repair Patient|Before & After 5000 Grafts

Body hair transplant (BHT) was this man’s only solution after undergoing multiple previous hair restoration procedures in the 1980s. Most of these surgeries are now thought to be antiquated, since technology was far less advanced then versus today. His surgeries left him with severe baldness, such that he no longer had a sufficient scalp donor supply for future procedures. Furthermore, the only hair that did grow yielded an abnormal island of hair with an unnatural, pluggy hairline. Body Hair Transplant by Dr. Umar He had heard that Dr. Umar is the best FUE repair surgeon in practice, and a world […]