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About DermHair Clinic with our office in Redondo Beach, DermHair Clinic is led by Dr. Sanusi Umar, a hair transplant pioneer specializing in FUE Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) also called FUE, a minimally invasive procedure involving relocating head.

Dr Umar is a pioneer of an advanced form of FUE using his patented UGraft system that enables the effective use of non head hair in the donor pool of hair restoration surgery.  UGraft FUE is a break through procedure that efficiently performs body hair transplant – BHT which is when hairs from the beard and body are used as donor sources in hair transplant surgery procedures. It allows for the credible restoration of even the severely bald, as well as hair transplant repair of botched hair surgery procedures from prior antiquated techniques.

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Another advantage of the use of body hair donors is in specialized transplants eyebrow transplant. Using finer, shorter and slow growing hair from the nape, arms or legs would create eyebrows that are more natural in look and behavior than eyebrows created by traditional methods which utilize thicker, longer and faster growing hairs from the back of the head. Dr U is certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Before this, he was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He also completed a fellowship training in cosmetic surgery under the direction of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, after which he went on to chart a new pathway for hair transplant surgeons.

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We work exclusively with MLEND FINANCE which offers no interest payment for 1 year.  To consult Dr Umar, click: Free Online Consultation

Some patients may qualify for our program offering our state-of-the-art surgical services at a free or reduced rate. These are often people who, in addition to being under financial distress, have also been been disfigured by hair loss and scarring from previous botched hair restoration surgeries, radiations treatment for cancer, burns, accidents or disease. Talk to us to see if you qualify for our Indigent Treatment Program. Surgery Loans


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Patient is finally able to sport natural coverage without the need to rely on his hair piece


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