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Latisse| Grow Longer Eyelashes

Some people suffer from hypotrichosis, a condition where their eyelashes are thin and uneven. But using Latisse also called Bimatoprost, a revolutionary treatment that is FDA-approved, lush eyelashes are possible.

What is Latisse or Bimatoprost ?

Bimatoprost is a prescription eye drop in use by glaucoma patients who noticed that it had a wonderful side effect – their eyelashes grew longer and thicker over time. The FDA approved use of the drug for eyelash restoration in 2008.

Latisse extends the growth phase of your eyelashes and increases the number of sprouting hairs. You apply it once daily to your upper lash using a sterile applicator, and when you blink the medication spreads to your lower lash. It is critical that you never apply it to your eyeball or lower lid. It’s also important that your remove all makeup and contact lenses before application.

Results are usually seen in as little as eight weeks, with full results coming at 16 weeks. To maintain results requires continued use of the medication.

NOTE: Not all people are good candidates for Bimatoprost. Many factors ranging from antibiotic use, to certain diseases, to heart and neurological conditions and even some allergies can determine whether or not this treatment is best for you, which is why Dr. Umar will discuss your medical history with you in detail during consultation. Dr Umar, uses Latisse for Los Angeles patients only after a proper medical history and examination to qualify your candidacy and verify the safety of the medication in you

Latisse for Los Angeles patients
(image- Creative Commons) Latisse needs to be consistently applied twice a day to maintain the effect of longer eyelashes.

When Latisse is not an option, Eyelash transplant could be the way

In some patients Latisse is not an option for any or several of the following reasons:

  1. Unacceptable side effects (corneal discoloration is the most common)
  2. It is not effective
  3. Cost consideration
  4. Not interested in the tedium of applying Latisse every day

In these instances, patients can consult one of the few hair transplant doctors like Dr U who specialize in performing eyelash hair transplant.

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