Using Nape Hair by FUE UGraft to Create Natural Hairlines

Reconstructing a Natural Looking Hairline| Facts For Patients
The use of nape hair to create natural hairlines is done by the extraction process by UGraft methods, which contributes to making the hair transplant undetectable. One main reason that nape hair is efficient when used for creating a natural hairline is that nape hair is softer when compared to traditional head donor hairs. Thus, this makes it ideal for the creation of softer looking hairlines, while avoiding the harsh artificial look that is often the result of hairline transplants done by traditional methods.

Using Nape Hair by FUE UGraft to Create Natural Hairlines

The softness of the nape hair creates a most realistic NW2 hairline by hair transplantation. Hair transplants try to mimic a NW 2 hairline because NW 2 means that the hairline has thinned somewhat. A thinning hairline front should be very soft, and that softness is hardly achievable by using hair from the traditional head donor areas which are usually thicker and less ideal for the task even if they are single hair follicles, they tend to create an artificial solid line of hair which could look harsh and artificial in real life.

Sometimes patients cannot afford large numbers of grafts or repeated hair transplantation surgeries. It may also be that the patient lacks the donor hair supply because of their current physiology state or because previous hair restoration surgeries have depleted their donor supplies. However, a low number of follicles can be used to restore significant level of baldness. A skilled hair restoration surgeon would know how to create a natural look in this situation. UGraft is a method that can be used to achieve this look because it avoids creating the result of linear scarring which is the main evidence of strip surgery.

uGraft hair transplant would typically leave a donor area that is clean and devoid of cosmetically significant scarring.  The key to creating natural hair lines in hair restoration is the use of soft hair in the very front of the hairline and temples. At the DermHair Clinic in Los Angeles, California, we have found this approach to be most effective. Dr Umar is able to achieve this by using his FUE hair transplantation method with his signature tool, uGraft, which enables the efficient use of nape hair in this manner. Such FUE results cannot be replicated with the older follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) method.

Using Nape Hair by FUE uGraft to Create Natural Hairlines
Patient’s hair transplant surgery used nape and head hair to create natural looking hairline results.*

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