Dr.U’s VeeLashe Eyelash Transplant Procedure Makes Pubic Hair Eyelashes A Bold New Reality for Los Angeles Patients

Hair transplant surgery for the eyelashes makes it possible for patients to actually grow their own permanent set of longer lashes. But for some people, having lengthier but otherwise normal looking eyelashes is not enough. These individuals may want a different type of lash hair that sets them apart. While Dr.U has developed the technology which allows patients to choose any type of hair, some may specifically prefer follicles from the public area. For this group, the VeeLashe ™ eyelash transplant procedure makes this option a real dream come true. 

VeeLashe Procedure for Longer Eyelashes

How the VeeLashe ™ Procedure Is Performed

Dr.U’s VeeLashe ™ surgery uses his Dr.UGraft ™ technology to safely remove hair follicles from the pubic area with minimal to no graft transection. Here is an explanation on why this specialized approach is necessary. 

Conventional eyelash transplantation uses hair taken from the scalp. Either a scalpel is used to remove a narrow strip containing these follicles, or the surgeon can harvest grafts directly from the surface using a general, cylinder-shaped FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) punch (1). 

Both approaches can adequately obtain follicles from the head regions. But they are not suitable for pubic hair extractions. A scalpel will leave a permanent linear scar. A basic FUE punch which relies on a single speed and torque is also not the best choice for the pubic region where the thickness of the skin is very soft. This can cause the device to descend more rapidly and with greater force which is likely to damage the follicles. 

With the Dr.UGraft™ system, the speed and torque are both adjustable. How fast and strongly the punch rotates through the surface can be reduced, or increased as needed. Thus the performance of this device is adaptable to any skin terrain, including the pubic area. 

The Results of a Public Hair Eyelash Transplant

Pubic hair will continue to grow and display the same characteristics once these follicles have been inserted into the lash line. Patients who opt for the VeeLashe ™ procedure do so because of the unique texture and flatness of these hairs. Maintaining an upward curl tends to be easier. This can be achieved with a heated eyelash curler or an eyelash perm. Unlike scalp hair, pubic hair will reach a maximum length. And patients are free to trim their new lashes to create the exact length they want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – VeeLashe ™ Eyelash Transplant for Los Angeles Patients

Besides pubic hair and Dr.U’s VeeLashe eyelash transplant surgery what other  hair choices do I have for my lashes

With the Dr.UGraft ™ system, any type of hair can be used to create longer eyelashes. Other choices include nape hair as well as leg hair. 

Can pubic hair also be transplanted to the scalp and other regions?

Pubic hair can be transplanted to any region desired by the patient. This includes the scalp. As another example, a patient of ours decided on using pubic hair for her eyebrow transplant procedure. 


  1. Aman Dua and Kapil Dua, Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant, J Cutan Aesthet Surg. 2010 May-Aug; 3(2): 76–81.

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