Before and after results of undetectable hair transplantation
Undetectable Hairline Transplant, a Myth or not?

Undetectable Hairline Transplant, a Myth or not? Many people considering getting a hair restoration wonder if an undetectable hairline transplant is even possible or simply a myth. One of Dr. U’s patients had undergone a previous surgery that seemed to suggest it was a myth. After seeing Dr. U, however, the patient saw just how possible an undetectable hairline transplant could be.

Undetectable Hairline Transplant, a Myth or not? Patient Background

The patient had received a hairline transplant surgery back in the 1990s that left him with a pluggy, harsh and unnatural looking hairline. In addition to an unsuccessful hairline transformation and thin hair, the patient also had an undesirable surgery scar.

The surgery scar left by a previous hairline surgery was covered up by Dr. U
Previous to seeing Dr. U, this patient underwent surgery that left him with a noticeable scar.*

Undetectable Hairline Transplant

Dr. U ‘s article about the use of nape hair to restore the temples and hairline to a more natural looking state was published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ), a premier academic journal in the field of aesthetic surgeries. It profiles how Dr. U used his personal research of over 120 patients to find a more accurate way to determine if someone is eligible for UGraft FUE surgery.

Using his many findings and years of expertise, Dr. U was able to determine that this patient qualified for a hairline transplant. Dr. U was able to accomplish something that many thought was just a myth: The Undetectable Hairline Transplant.

Patient Photos

Dr. U has had many success stories in reconstructing new hairlines and giving patients new leases on life in the past, and this case was no different. Dr. U was able to provide the patient with soft and natural looking hair for a fuller hairline and temples. Here is the patient’s progress over the year:

Nape area used to reconstruct hairline and temples
Dr. U utilized the nape area for a hairline and temple reconstruction.*
Before and after side view of patient's temples after UGraft surgery undetectable
Patient’s temples and hairline were crafted using nape hair.*
Undetectable hairline transplant before and after
The patient is now able to comb his hair back to reveal a natural looking hairline.*

Patient Video

After only a year, the patient is extremely pleased with his results. In the video above, you will see a more detailed account of the patient’s past surgery and how Dr. U was able to reverse the damage it had done.

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