Hair Repair Patient|Before & After 5000 Grafts
Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts for FUE Repair

Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts: Beard hair to head transplant was this man’s only solution after undergoing multiple previous hair restoration procedures in the 1980s. Most of these surgeries are now thought to be antiquated, since technology was far less advanced then versus today. His surgeries left him with severe baldness, such that he no longer had a sufficient scalp donor supply for future procedures. Furthermore, the only hair that did grow yielded an abnormal island of hair with an unnatural, pluggy hairline.

Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts by Dr. Umar

Profile View of Body Hair Transplant Repair|Before and After Photos
Profile images showing the patient’s repair of the hairline and temples*

He had heard that Dr. Umar is the best hair transplant repair surgeon in practice, and a world leader in body hair transplant. So he presented to DermHair Clinic. Dr. Umar performed Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts with his proprietary uGraft harvester, which is tailored to extract the select grafts without harm while leaving nominal scarring to the skin. Moreover, the minimal invasiveness of FUE in combination with the sophisticated excision mechanism of uGraft means that donor hair can safely be removed from the beard, shoulders, stomach, legs, chest, and arms. This creates an entire new realm of restoration possibilities for those with extreme hair loss.

Using a modest 5,000 FUE grafts taken mostly from the beard, and a small quantity from the scalp, Dr. Umar executed an astonishing restoration. The patient’s whole frontal and mid-scalp regions received coverage, along with a newly built hairline, seamless temple points, and correction of old asymmetry.

Botched Hair Transplant Images, befor and after Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts Repair
Patient underwent several botched hair restoration surgeries and came to Dr. U for repair. The right photo shows the successful outcome using a donor pool which included body hair.*


Frontal Scalp View | Hair Island - Repair Surgery 5000 Grafts
The patient experienced minimal growth from past surgeries which resulted in an unnatural patch of hair. Additional follicles for an abundant coverage were harvested to produce the final result shown in the right image.


Patient's New Hairline & Temples| Before and After Photos
Front facial view of patient’s results*


Profile View | Body Hair Transplant - 5000 Graft Donor Pool
Profile view of patient’s results showing his renewed hairline and temple positioning.*


 Beard Hair to head Transplant using 5000 grafts Repair Results

At 18 months after surgery, the patient is happy with the outcome. And with BHT, hair maturation can take up to two years, so his results may improve yet more. If you suffer severe hair loss or scarring from prior procedures, you still have hope for a restoration. Contact DermHair Clinic today to learn more about FUE repair with body hair transplant and uGraft.

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