Patient's Sparse Eyebrows Before FUE Surgery
Dr Umar’s Eyebrow Restoration on Good Morning America
Dr Umar’s Eyebrow Restoration on Good Morning America : Eyebrow restoration sounds crazy, right? But, as Elisabeth Leamey of ABC News says, “If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frame.” Nowadays, having a full shapely frame is the hot thing in cosmetics. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Brooke Shields are leading the trend. Unfortunately, many women who’ve plucked their eyebrows too thin in the past or are losing eyebrow hair due to aging can’t grow the gorgeous eyebrows they desire.

Good Morning America has the story on a permanent solution to this problem: eyebrow restoration. And Dr. Umar is the hair transplant surgeon to see if you’re considering the treatment. GMA visited his Redondo Beach based practice, DermHair Clinic, to get a closer look at surgical eyebrow transplant and interview some of his patients.

Dr Umar’s Eyebrow Restoration on Good Morning America – The Patients

Dr. Umar is a world-leading surgeon of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure and the inventor of an advanced tool called uGraft. uGraft FUE enables the safe and efficient excision of both traditional and non-traditional donor hairs—or hair from the nape of the neck and body. This sets Dr. Umar apart from other practitioners, since he can create the most highly sought aesthetic outcomes in hair transplant—and eyebrow restoration, no less.

Using the sophisticated uGraft, Dr. Umar has refined eyebrow restoration and given several women and men the full, shapely arches they desire. One of his patients, Pamela Pemrose, had to use eyebrow pencil everyday for ten years to fill her brows to the thickness she wanted. This application was not only tedious but “It’s a little embarrassing,” said Pamela. “It affects my self esteem.” After undergoing eyebrow transplant by UGraft with Dr. Umar who used finer nape hairs to impart the softness that is expected of a natural eyebrow, she says her brows are exactly what she wanted. Good Morning America also interviewed a couple more of his patients. Shannon Morrison and Sarah Tirosh showed off the pleasing results of their eyebrow restoration surgeries.

Eyebrow Restoration is More than Just Cosmetic

As one of the Good Morning America news anchors remarks, eyebrow hair transplant is not only for people who want thicker arches or a different brow shape for cosmetic purposes. For many, having the possibility of permanent, natural-looking eyebrows is essential. There are many diseases and ailments that leave the afflicted with a devastating loss of facial hair, including the eyebrows. Eyebrow restoration surgery can be used simply to make patients feel normal and look like themselves again.

If you’re interested in eyebrow transplant, contact DermHair Clinic today.


Dr Umar's Eyebrow Restoration Surgery on Good Morning America
Patient results of eyebrow hair transplant with advanced FUE hair transplant*

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