Patient's Sparse Brows Before Surgery
Beautiful Eyebrow Transplant with 350 Grafts by UGraft FUE

Beautiful Eyebrow Transplant with 350 Grafts by UGraft FUE: This woman was not happy with her thinning eyebrows, which were growing more sparse from a combination of over-plucking and genetics. She loved the refined femininity that Brooke Shields’ brows provide. It was her goal to do away with cosmetic penciling and permanently attain a look similar to the popular actress. She came to Dr. Umar with the decision to pursue UGraft follicular unit extraction eyebrow transplant in his expert care. Dr U was able to return the desired result by performing an eyebrow transplant with 350 grafts derived from the nape using advanced FUE signature UGraft techniques.

eyebrow transplant 1
Eyebrow transplant patient before the procedure.

Eyebrow Transplant with 350 Grafts by Dr. U

She desired fuller brows with more length, and a sophisticated arch, but she wanted them to remain natural-looking and feminine. Dr. Umar’s answered her requests with 350 FUE grafts derived from her nape, where hair grows finer than anywhere else on the scalp. This enables the transplant to blend well with pre-existing eyebrow hair. Furthermore, nape hair grows more slowly than other head hair. Dr. Umar also likes to make use of donors from the arms and legs for an ideal aesthetic, but did not in this case due to the patient’s lack of hair in these areas.

Six months following the procedure, the patient’s eyebrow transplant results are beautiful because of the use of finer nape hair by Dr U. These fine nape hairs are a better match for eyebrows since they are fine, shorter in length when compared with the traditional hair transplant approach of using head hair which is thicker and longer in length. The look is exactly what she hoped for and she only has to trim them on occasion. “It’s a drastic change and I am so pleased with the way it looks,” she said, with a smile on her face. “It’s quite interesting how many people can’t pinpoint what it is, but they do notice a difference.” Her new brow shape and fullness has given her a new found level of confidence.

Photos:  Eyebrow transplant with 350 Grafts

Eyebrow transplant with 350 Grafts Before and After Surgery
Close up photos show the patient’s newly constructed eyebrows compared to the appearance of her original brows.*
Improved Definition, Shape & Density| Nape Hair Grafts
The thinner quality of nape hair enables much softer and more natural looking definition to be created through eyebrow transplant surgery.*
Full View of Patient's Face| New Eyebrows
Patient is very pleased with the appearance of her new eyebrows and how it has transformed her overall appearance.*
Nape Hair Donor Area| Healing After Advanced FUE Extractions
Despite the removal of numerous nape hair grafts, the patient is showing excellent wound healing results on the back of her neck.

Eyebrow transplant with 350 Grafts: Video – Patient’s Results & Testimony

In this video, Dr. U presents various areas of the patient’s results. Also the patient herself shares her feedback on how she feels about her brand new appearance.

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