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Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair
Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair: Getting a natural hairline in hair transplantation is no longer an issue now with the use of the UGraft Advanced FUE method. After suffering for years, the patient above sought out to find the best hair restoration options for his long-term hair loss. Having not had any form of transplant surgery prior to going to Dr U, the patient was experiencing a patchy receding hairline and overall thinning in the frontal areas at the top of the scalp. With Dr U’s FUE Shave Test and UGraft Advanced FUE hair transplant method using head and nape hair, the patient saw promising results just 12 months after his very first frontal hairline restoration surgery.

Hair loss patient receives 3,000 UGraft transplant for fuller coverage
Coming to Dr U, the patient was seeking a more attractive hairline through a non-aggressive frontal hairline restoration method.*


Natural Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair: Planning Stages

Pre-planning should always be a major part of any hair transplantation, as well as having an experienced surgeon when trying to recreate the hairline and temple areas. Reconstructing a new hairline is a surgical and artistic skill that can only be done by someone using immense precision. While others have suffered from botched results using Basic FUE or FUSS methods, Dr U has developed The FUE Shave Test to ensure finding the most promising hair grafts to provide the most successful results possible. The FUE Shave Test ultimately determines which locations on the head and body will be the best donor sites and provide permanent hair grafts.

Patient experiences successful new hairlines with use of nape and head hair.
The patient saw no sign of surgery and full, natural hairlines just 12 months after the UGraft Advanced FUE hair transplantation.*

For this patient, The FUE Shave Test determined that the patient’s nape hair, as well as head hair was safe to use as a donor site. The nape hair is considered fine, delicate hair and is best used for the hairline or temple points for softer, more gradual results. With this test, Dr U has found an ideal method for providing a soft, natural hairline using nape hairs.


The UGraft Advanced FUE Method

Obtaining a very natural looking hairline or temples are nearly impossible using alternative techniques. Other hair transplantation methods, such as the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), can create elongated incisions in the scalp that can leave behind serious scarring and damage to the hair, as well as the skin.  With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the worries of strip scarring damage are eliminated, but are solely limited to head hair grafts. This means they can only utilize coarse looking hairs from the middle of the back and head of the scalp.  The UGraft Advanced FUE system allows for the use of other donor sites on the head and body. Since nape hair is the finest caliber hair in the scalp, the UGrafts ability to extract these finer nape hairs consistently gives it the ability to uniquely create subtle more natural looking hairlines and temples, which by nature are soft.


Natural Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair- Before and After Photos

Natural Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair
The hairline is often times the most visible part of a completed hair transplant. With the use of the UGraft Advanced FUE method, the frontal hairline reconstruction left behind soft, attractive results for this patient.

Dr U was able to use 3,000 UGrafts from the head and nape areas. His results after 12 months left him in astonishment.

As seen in the photos, the direction of the hair growth and the geometric pattern after the hair transplant blends identically in with the rest of his hair. The patient saw full frontal hairline restoration with a nice even spread of hair covering the balding patches. With the use of the head and nape hair, a natural V-shaped hairline and full hair follicles in the high temple areas were directly achieved in one surgery. Even better, there was no sign of transplantation.

Successfull nape hair transplant with a happy patient
The results after 12 months for this patient have him saying, “Go to Dr Umar.”*


Natural Frontal Hairline Restoration with 3000 UGrafts Using Nape Hair – Video

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