The uGraft is an exclusive microsurgical system for hair restoration offered by Derm Hair Clinic.  It is designed for advanced Follicular Unit Extraction which offers greater possibilities and natural looking outcomes for even the most challenging cases. The uGraft was developed by Dr. Sanusi Umar to produce excellent hair transplant results for a variety of patient objectives including:

  • restoration of the hairline, crown and temples,
  • severe baldness.
  • correctional repair

What is UGraft

The uGraft encompasses both technology and pre-surgical and post surgical protocols, representing a forward advancement in basic Follicular Unit Extraction. Although FUE hair transplantation has produced numerous patient success stories, conventional practice within this field has its limitations. UGraft was designed to overcome these challenges.

uGraft Technology

Although automated technology has been developed, Follicular Unit Extraction is best performed with motorized hand held tools which allow the physician’s skill to guide the procedure with his or her expertise and a human touch. There are countless nuances in any given hair transplant procedure which cannot be adequately addressed with a machine.

These motorized hand held tools are used to create round punches in order to extract individual follicular units that will then be inserted into the targeted bald areas.

Hair often grows at angles or even curved trajectories. With conventional tools, there is a relatively high risk of damaging the follicles. These grafts will obviously not grow in their new location.

The patent pending punch (called uPunch) used in uGraft procedures is custom crafted and uniquely configured to respect the integrity of the follicle while expediting healing.  Computerized software is used to create exceptionally high levels of precision. Not only does the upunch address wound sizes, it is configured uniquely so as to influence a wound shape that favors rapid healing with optimal cosmesis. Read more about wound healing in FUE here:

Furthermore, uGraft tools also incorporate a subtle pulling action that pulls the graft as it cuts around it instead of wholly relying on the punch’s ability to trace the angulation of the hair under the skin.

This reduces follicular transaction and damage. With conventional FUE implements, manual effort is what is solely responsible for tracing the angles of the hair follicles and errors during this step can increase the damage rate of the follicle.

The mild pulling action of the uGraft reduces this problem. These nuances, makes the uGraft optimally suited for the utilization of nape and all body hair types which because of their more complex angulations beneath the skin and more delicate nature may not be amenable to conventional FUE methods.

Ugraft Protocols

Within the uGraft system there are also pre-surgical and post surgical protocols that a customized and varied to fit each patients unique presentation all in an effort to yield the most optimal outcome and yield for the patient.

UGraft and Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction

In conventional forms of Follicular Unit Extraction procedures, hair is harvested from main areas of the head. However, this will restrict the donor pool to about 7,000 grafts. There are many examples of patients who want fuller coverage. And this requires a greater number of grafts.

In advanced Follicular Unit Extraction, various areas of the body can supply donor follicles. This includes the chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back and face.

The beard, chest and stomach areas for example, can offer tens of thousands of grafts in many men. And this is certainly advantageous for those who are severely bald or need to repair botched outcomes from previous hair transplant surgeries.

severe baldness reversed with Advanced FUE

Severely bald patient whose hair was restored with excellent coverage after his uGraft procedure

uGraft procedure results with body hair follicles

Patient who underwent repair procedure with ugraft – before and after

However, these other areas of the body are often visible, unlike the scalp which is covered by hair.  Therefore extractions must be extremely refined so that patients are not left with noticeable wounds or scars.

The uGraft system is able to address these concerns by creating extractions that result in small and typically cosmetically insignificant wounds which can heal within a matter of weeks.

Not only does advanced Follicular Unit Extraction offer larger donor supplies and greater coverage, it also allows surgeons to acquire hairs of different calibers. Hair from the head is quite thick. And in many cases, this can look unnatural once they are transplanted.

Specialized FUE procedures which require softer hairs for a more inconspicuous look include restoration of areas such as:

  • Hairline
  • Temples
  • Eyebrows
  • Crown (center of whorl)

With the help of uGraft, finer hairs from the nape, legs and arms can be extracted and repurposed to create natural looking outcomes in these regions. The donor areas are often able to heal in a seamless fashion with very minimal risk of scarring.

Patients who are interested in learning more about advanced FUE and body hair transplant can read more here.