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Life Changing BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results – Patient’s Feedback in His Own Words

BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results: The gentleman featured here had undergone a beard hair to head transplant procedure to repair the outcome of a deeply regretted strip procedure. Not only was he left with the worry of hiding his linear scar, he was also distraught over the awkward growth which resulted. His crown continued to be bald with a strange island of hair on top of his head.

BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results – Past Strip Procedure Repercussions

The strip procedure had exhausted a large portion of his head donor hairs. Therefore in order to restore a normal looking result and hide his strip scar, the use of another source of grafts became very necessary.

BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery : The UGraft ™ Revolution For Beard Hair Extractions

Due to Dr. U’s capability and extensive experience performing successful body hair to head transplant surgeries, this patient decided to undergo this type of operation to achieve the global coverage he wanted and to participate more fully in life itself.

Dr. U is the inventor of a patented surgical technology know as the UGraft ™ Revolution. It’s advanced design goes well beyond the basic cylinder shape of standard Follicular Unit Extraction punches. Furthermore, it’s features and overall engineering allow sharply growing hair from various regions of the body to be reliably extracted in sizeable quantities. Learn more about how UGraft ™ works in this fascinating video animation.

Incredible Repair With 4213 Grafts

With the help of UGraft instrumentation and Dr. U’s expertise, this patient was able to benefit from an additional supply of 1472 grafts from the beard area, while 2741 grafts were derived from the head.

By combining these two sets of follicles, Dr. U was able to successfully achieve the patient’s coverage  goals in the following areas:

  1. strip scar
  2. crown and vertex

Additional enhancements to produce the final desired outcome included:

  1. refinement and advancement of the hairline
  2. augmentation of the density in the frontal scalp

The patient underwent two surgical sessions to extract and insert his donor grafts.

Before and After Photos: BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results

The patient provided photos of his final results which are shown a year following the second part of his overall BHT surgery.

Here are before and after images showing the immense improvement in his overall appearance.

BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results| Advancing the Temples and Hairline
Patient was able to achieve a more natural looking advancement of his hairline and temples through his surgery.*
BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results
Before and after photos showing how grafts were applied to fill in the missing areas of poor growth.*
Restoration of Bald Crown| Body Hair Transplant Grafts
Additional hair grafts extracted from the beard area of this patient provided the extra resources needed to significantly improve upon the coverage of the crown.*
crown restoration| repair for strip surgery errors with body hair to head transplant
Left side view of crown restoration results shown on patient*
Crown Hair Restoration| Side View
Right side view of crown hair restoration*

BHT Surgery Repairs Poor Strip Surgery Results: Patient’s Testimony

In this video, the patient shares his feedback on his final outcome. He states, “ I’m ecstatic…and my wife is very pleased as well.”

The patient adds, “I would say to anybody considering it [body hair transplant], don’t hesitate to do it….and don’t even think about a strip surgery.”

Aside from his renewed and greatly improved appearance, the patient also discusses the fact that he can now enjoy his favorite recreational sports, including swimming and water skiing without being afraid that other people will notice his strip scar.

Watch this video to hear his feedback.

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