Restoring crown first, Before Hairline Transplantation
Restoring crown first, Before Hairline Transplantation : It is certainly understandable that many men feel that crown baldness is worse than hairline recession. According to their perspective, people are more likely to label someone as bald if they have an empty crown as opposed to a dwindling hairline.

With that said, it is certainly possible to target the crown first, before advancing the hairline and top part of the head. But cosmetically speaking, this may not be the appropriate immediate strategy for everyone

Insufficient Donor Grafts for Restoring the Crown First

The main reason for not restoring crown first before hairline transplant is to do with the limit posed by the small number of grafts available in the donor areas of the back and sides of the head. In transplants that rely solely on head donors, the hairline is given priority.This limitation on crown hair restoration does not exist however if you have access to Dr Umar’s UGraft which expands the donor pool by making it possible to use follicles from other areas of the body may be considered as a possibility.

Restoring crown first, Before Hairline Transplantation - before and after Dr Umar Transplant
Restoring crown first, Before Hairline Transplantation – before and after Dr Umar Transplant*


Crown Restoration Using Body Hair

If the patient has enough hair growth on body regions such as the face, neck, chest, back, abdomen they may be considered as an alternate resource in creating the desired sized donor pool using specialized tools likeUGraft.

Extracting these follicles would need to be done through UGraft Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction. This requires the use of specialized instrumentation such as uGraft whose features are designed to safely remove non head hair. Therefore it is possible to remove large quantities of viable grafts from body regions which will thrive and produce the coverage needed.

Head hair may be inserted along with the body hair to produce a more even looking texture.  And of course, the insertions would need to replicate the different hair growth directions and angles which make up the crown whorl.




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