Patient Before His FUE Hairline Restoration, Before and After FUE
UGraft FUE Hair Restoration with 2600 grafts – Repair of Hairline, Crown and Strip Scar
UGraft FUE Hair Restoration with 2600 grafts: At DermHair Clinic, we see many people in search of a solution to failed transplant surgeries that used outdated methods such as “strip harvesting,” which left them as bald as ever – with bonus of ugly scars. We have many Before and After FUE hair transplant images to document these experiences.

UGraft FUE Hair Restoration with 2600 grafts: Before and After Results

For this patient, Dr. Umar used UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction to transplant 2,600 individual hairs from the patient’s nape of the neck and his head to refine his hairline as well as fill in the balding areas of his crown, along with 300 individual hair grafts from his beard to hide the scar. It was important to the patient that the final result give him a conservative hairline and crown area. AT the end, the patient considered this procedure by Dr U of UGraft FUE Hair Restoration with 2600 grafts a success

This video was shot 12 months after the surgery. Nice job!

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