Patient Update|Second Hair Transplant Repair|2000 More Grafts
UGraft beard hair to head transplant repair – 8000 grafts: Patient result update

UGraft beard hair to head transplant repair – 8000 grafts : This gentlemen originally had his hair transplant surgery at our office to repair the results of a disappointing strip surgery performed at a different clinic. His original set of objectives was to camouflage the strip hair surgery scar and improve coverage in areas where hair had failed to grow from his prior operation. This included a bald crown, a sparse top and frontal scalp, the hairline and the temples. Dr. U was able to achieve the patient’s desired improvements with a 6000 donor pool. The patient has since returned for another 2000 grafts largely derived by beard hair to head transplant.

The Insertion of 8047 Body Hair Transplant Grafts

Combined the patient’s official graft total was a count of 8047 follicular units. These were derived from the following donor regions:

  1. 3178 from the scalp
  2. 4525 from the beard areas (i.e. face and neck)
  3. 344 grafts from the nape area.

After his first hair restoration which used the strip (FUT) method, the patient’s head donor supply of follicle grafts had diminished. What remained was used by Dr. U  for detail purposes. The head hair was used to help create a softer and more uniform global hair texture. However, the number of follicles available on the patient’s scalp was not enough to produce the coverage needed for the patient’s overarching goals.

Since sufficient quantities of beard hair were available, these were extracted by UGraft beard to head transplant and used to help replenish the sparse and bald areas of the patient’s head. Read more about the  UGraft technology that Dr. U invented to safely extract a wide range of different graft types from the body.

Finer nape hair was harvested for the edges of the hairline and temples. The thin quality was used to recreate true to life detail in these edges which frame the face.

To learn more about the patient’s first surgery, click here.

UGraft beard hair to head transplant repair – 8000 grafts Photos or Results

Here are photos which feature the patient before his first surgery at our office and after his second procedure with us.

Strip Scar Repair |Body Hair Grafts|Left Side of Head
Strip scar was repaired and concealed, allowing the patient to confidently wear his hair short.*
UGraft beard hair to head transplant repair - 8000 grafts Results of Graft Insertion into Strip Scar
The presence of a large noticeable linear scar is no longer a concern for this patient due to his body hair transplant surgery*

Before and After Comparison| New Hairline Following BHT Repair
Patient with his new and natural looking hairline and temples. Side by side comparison of photos before repair and following his second surgery session with Dr. U*
Crown coverage by beard hair to head transplant - Patient Before and After
Patient’s crown hair loss was able to be successfully reversed due to the abundant number of follicles that were made available through the extraction of body hairs.*
View of Patient's New Hairline |Before and After Hair Transplant Repair
Dr. U created a high, mature hairline to frame the patient’s face in the most natural and flattering way possible.*
Beard Hair Transplant| Donor Area Close Up
donor region showing the healing results of beard area used as source of donor grafts*

UGraft beard hair to head transplant repair – 8000 grafts : Update Video

In this video, the patient provides his feedback on his experience and results. Also Dr. U discusses the different areas of the patient’s procedure that were targeted. He also points out some of the other details that were needed for the patient’s final natural looking appearance.

Not all hair transplant procedures are necessarily done all at one time. Patients, like the gentleman featured here have the option of dividing their restoration into separate phases. Proper planning and having clear expectations are essential to an overall positive experience.

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