8 years before fue hair transplant
FUE Hair Transplants Are Forever? Well, so Is Progressive Hair Loss.

FUE Hair Transplants Are Forever ? As impressive the results that Dr. U has been able to get with his revolutionary UGraft procedure, there is little he can do to fight against the affects of time. Some might think that FUE Hair Transplants are forever. The reality is that because hair loss is progressive in the ungrafted areas, a touch up surgery is necessary to catch up with new areas of baldness for most patients.

Here is the patient’s history over an 8 year period:

  • He received the FUE Shave test first to determine if his nape hair was suitable for transplant in the hairline and temple regions
  • He received a Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Transplant 8 years ago using 3200 head and nape grafts with Dr. U’s Advanced FUE patented technique
  • 9 months after the surgery, the patient was extremely pleased with his results
  • 8 years after the initial surgery, his results were still impressive, but he began to lose hair in the ungrafted areas and may need touch up surgery.
9 months after surgery, this patient thought FUE Hair Tranplants are forever.
Before and After 9 months after the initial surgery.*
FUE Hair Transplants are forever? Patient needs follow up surgery 8 years later.
Temples and Hairline restored after first surgery 8 years ago.*

In the photos above, you can see how well the original surgery was able to improve his temple and hairline using 3200 grafts when the patient was only 26-years-old. Although the patient received the surgery when he was younger, it is an indication that surgery will be needed further along the road, as documented before.

Eight years later, the patient returned to Dr. U. His hair loss had progressed and the area behind the previously grafted hair began to thin out. A touch up surgery may now be necessary.

FUE Hair Transplants are Forever?

All hair transplants should only be done after the patient has reconciled to the fact that future surgery might be needed in the future to cover new areas of hair loss that could result from hair loss progression. The time period would vary, The younger a patient is, the more likely the need could arise even sooner. A ball park period of 5-10 years is middle of the road in this regard. These variables must be highlighted by the hair transplant clinic and doctor in the initial consultation  so the patient understands what they are committing to in terms of possible need for a future surgery to match the progressing hair loss. The assumption that any single hair transplant session including FUE hair transplant are forever  should be dispelled. Although there are some medical options to slow the progression of hair loss after a hair transplant, most patients would invariably require a catch – up surgery at some point in the future.

This patient had his initial surgery at a young age, which means that a future touch up surgery was very likely.

FUE Hair Transplants Are Forever? Patient Photos

The photo below shows how even after a successful surgery, there can be a clear divide between the old hairline and the new one.

8 years later patient needs additional surgery debunking the myth that FUE Hair Transplants are forever.
New hair and old hair show a noticeable divide behind the transplanted hairline of 8 years ago*
8 years later, a new surgery needed it is not true that FUE Hair Transplants are forever.
8 years later, a new surgery needed it is not true that FUE Hair Transplants are forever.*

The following photos show how the patient’s hairline and density was stable 8 years after surgery, but the areas behind the transplanted area is showing evidence of thinning for which a touch up surgery would be required.

Back of the head 8 years later.

FUE Hair Transplants are forever? It is possible that the patient will needed further surgery later.
Dr. U combs the newly grafted hair 8 years after initial surgery.*
One may think FUE Hairline Transplants are forever, but further surgery may be needed.
Patient’s hairline restored after 8 years.*

The patient was able to regain the confidence he felt 8 years earlier after the initial surgery.

Although it may seem like FUE Hair Transplants are forever, it is not a hard and fast rule.

FUE Hair Transplants Are Forever? – Patient Video

The video above illustrates one of the many realities that come with a hairline transplant. It should be noted that Dr. U’s surgery was able to last this patient over 8 years before he required any type of touch up surgery and the new results are equally as impressive. Similarly, even though the patient required touch up surgery, much of his hairline and temples remain fully intact. This was largely in part to the FUE shave test that ensured the patient’s nape hair would hold up well over time. Still wondering if FUE Hair Transplants are forever?

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