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uGraft FUE by Dr Umar
Dr. Sanusi Umar’s uGraft is an advanced, state-of-the-art follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant system. It’s also known as the UGraft Procedure. Dr. Umar also employs body hair transplantation (BHT) into his uGraft technique. BHT is important since it expands the traditional donor hair source on the head to the rest of the face and whole body. uGraft is a patented technique with a gentle pulling action that minimizes damage to grafts during extraction.


During strip surgery, also known as follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS), a hair surgeon removes a strip of flesh from the back of the head on a patient for donor hair. Strip surgery is a more invasive hair transplant surgery that leaves a large scar at the excision site.

FUE is a less invasive microscopic surgery that uses an instrument that cuts around each hair follicle for donor hair.  There are also many variations of a FUE hair transplant technique. While other FUE techniques use a straight punch for follicle excision that may injure grafts, Dr. Umar’s uGraft advanced FUE and BHT uses excision punches that are angled away from the follicles.

uGraft entails a gentle “pulling” in order to minimalize graft damage during extraction. Each follicle experiences less trauma while cutting around them. Dr. Umar then uses a needle to gentle nudge the graft away from the skin.

UGraft FUE By Dr Umar
Dr. Umar’s advanced, state-of-the-art FUE system for his uGraft technique.

UGraft FUE by Dr Umar

When a patient experiences a botched hair transplant, severe baldness reoccurs after an initial hair transplant or hair loss continues in different areas of the head, hair restoration is even more difficult. Traditional donor hair supply on the head is typically nonexistent in second surgeries or not suitable for use in traditional transplants.

UGraft FUE Punch
uGraft advanced FUE minimizes damage to the graft as it is being extracted with less damage.

However, uGraft advanced BHT alleviates the issue of not having enough donor hair supply for transplantation. BHT expands the traditional donor area to the body and other parts of the face. This allows the use of about 12,000 to 25,000 potential grafts.

UGraft FUE by Dr Umar – Video

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