Severely Bald Norwood 6 Patient Before Body Hair Transplant
Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness -25,000 uGrafts

Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness : Severe baldness is typically defined as  Norwood 6  and Norwood 7  stages of hair loss.  The patient in this  update video was at a Norwood 6 level when he came to see Dr. Umar. Advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was used to reverse his baldness.


Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness

His overall treatment is truly the first of its kind with the usage of 25,000 hair grafts. This was achieved across three sessions.

1st- 15,000

2nd- 5,000

3rd- 5,000

The donor pool for this patient was harvested from multiple sources including:

1) head

2) beard area

3) chest

4) abdomen

5) arms

6) legs

Before and After Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness 25000 grafts
Before and After Advanced FUE for Treating Severe Baldness 25000 grafts*

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction For Body Follicles

Standard methods in Follicular Unit Extraction offer enormous versatility. Doctors are able to transfer naturally occurring clusters of individual hair groups (usually 1-4 strands). There is no linear scar and donor sources are not restricted to only certain regions of the scalp.

However, there are many hair loss cases that require donor quantities much larger than the  maximum of 5,000-7,000 grafts from the head.

Follicles from regions of the body can make it possible for patients to undergo surgeries with significantly greater numbers. However, extracting body follicles entails the following challenges:

(1) Follicles from the body are very fragile and more likely to be damaged through the use of standard FUE punches

(2) The quality of wound healing from the donor punch tools becomes a concern. This is because body regions are relatively more visible.

Advanced FUE is a forward evolution in Follicular Unit Extraction. It is performed using uGraft tools and processes to enable the extraction of more diverse follicles.  This is how Dr. Umar was able to extract donor hair from multiple areas of the body for this patient’s procedure.

Body Hair Transplant and Texture

It is common for body hair to have a distinctly different texture from head hair.  During these procedures, head hair is often integrated within the donor pool.  This helps to create greater uniformity in texture.

One of the interesting point that this patient mentions is that  his hair become much softer and closer to the look and feel of head hair.  Therefore, it is feasible for the results to include textural improvements over the course of time.

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