Hairline Restoration| Follicular Unit Extraction
Hairline and Temple Restoration – 3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction

3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction: Male pattern baldness occurs in stages.  The hairline will start to recede.  And eventually, the temples will also start to erode. Many people, like the patient in this video,  become increasing dissatisfied with their appearance. The gentleman in this video started losing hair when he was about 28 years old.  The hair loss continued for another twenty years.  He became aware of how unhappy he was with his appearance and decided to undergo an 3000 UGrafts with advanced follicular unit extraction procedure.

3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction
Photo taken of patient right before his FUE hairline restoration surgery

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction With uGraft

In order to restore the temples, hairline and frontal areas, Dr. Umar created a donor pool of 3000 uGrafts.  These follicles were extracted from the head and nape areas. Many patients require different types of harvested hair in order to achieve a natural looking appearance.  Hair grows according to various thicknesses across the scalp. Therefore, it is essential to use these patterns as guidelines for an ideal result. The edge of the hairline needs to be soft. The thickness of the hairs gradually increase towards the back of the head. Using thick hairs from the back or sides of the head would create a contrived and conspicuous looking result. Thinner caliber hairs are available in the nape area. These closely approximate the types of hair found in the outer edge of the hairline.

What Is Advanced FUE?

Standard FUE practices utilize small punches that extract tiny round punches that include natural groupings of hair. However these tools are often limited in their ability to extract different types of hair, outside the main areas of the head. Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction is a more specialized practice of FUE. It is mainly concerned with the harvesting of different types of hair follicles, found on areas of the body as well as the nape.

Specialized uGraft tools and methods are used. They are customized to safely extract a wider diversity of hair follicles. Additionally, these punches are crafted to create donor wounds of particular sizes and shapes.  This is intended to facilitate excellent healing which leaves no visible marks or scars. Since many patients like to wear their hair short, especially on the lower back part of the head, the skin of the nape area is often visible. Therefore, uGraft devices help ensure visually flawless healing results.

Photos of Patient’s Hairline Transformation With 3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction

Patient's New Hairline & Temples| Three Quarters View - 3000 FUE Grafts
Before & after view of patient’s new hairline along with the temples that Dr. U had designed and crafted to best frame this patient’s face*
Profile View| FUE Hairline & Temple Restoration - 3000 Grafts
The profile view illustrates the advancement of the both the hairline and temple points.*
Frontal Scalp & Hairline|Before & After FUE -3000 Grafts
The insertion of the grafts requires a strong vision for the overall results and a very detailed oriented approach to recreate the look of natural hair growth patterns.*

3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction Additional Images and Patient’s Testimony – Video

After his 3000 UGrafts with Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction; Seen here is a video which features the patient before and after his hair restoration. It is also quite clear that he is very happy with his results. And this is evident through his personal feedback.

If you are interested in viewing another patient video which involves hairline and temple restoration, click here.

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