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Body Hair Transplant with uGraft Restores Extreme NW 7 Hair Loss

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  • Hair Transplant Cost| Info For Patients

At and extreme NW 7 on the scale of male pattern baldness, this patient would be turned away by any other hair restoration clinic in the world as a hopeless case. That was his experience before he visited Dr Umar at DermHair clinic in Redodo beach Caifornia. He was forced to use a hairpiece to conceal the badly balding top half of his head. When he came to DermHair Clinic, he was wearied of his confinement to the hairpiece and wanted the freedom of permanent, real hair. Body hair transplant (BHT) the uGraft methods was the solution he was looking […]

FUE Hair Transplant Gives Conservative Density for Buzz Cut

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  • Patient Prior to His FUE Hair Transplant

This 23-year-old patient was suffering an extreme level of thinning hair, particularly for such an early age. He’d maintained a buzz cut in order to help minimize the appearance of his hair loss. But this short hairstyle was no longer doing the trick. He would need a transplant to see improvement, but his naturally thin donor regions and lack of body hair, drastically limited his options. The scar from a strip procedure would undermine his buzz cut. The only treatment available to him was an FUE hair transplant using a low graft count. Dr. Umar’s Conservative FUE Hair Transplant The […]

Body Hair Transplant of 5,000 Grafts for FUE Repair

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  • Hair Repair Patient|Before & After 5000 Grafts

Body hair transplant (BHT) was this man’s only solution after undergoing multiple previous hair restoration procedures in the 1980s. Most of these surgeries are now thought to be antiquated, since technology was far less advanced then versus today. His surgeries left him with severe baldness, such that he no longer had a sufficient scalp donor supply for future procedures. Furthermore, the only hair that did grow yielded an abnormal island of hair with an unnatural, pluggy hairline. Body Hair Transplant by Dr. Umar He had heard that Dr. Umar is the best FUE repair surgeon in practice, and a world […]

Eyebrow Transplant Segment on Good Morning America Features Dr. Umar

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  • Patient's Sparse Eyebrows Before FUE Surgery

Eyebrow transplant sounds crazy, right? But, as Elisabeth Leamey of ABC News says, “If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frame.” Nowadays, having a full shapely frame is the hot thing in cosmetics. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Brooke Shields are leading the trend. Unfortunately, many women who’ve plucked their eyebrows too thin in the past or are losing eyebrow hair due to aging can’t grow the gorgeous eyebrows they desire. Good Morning America has the story on a permanent solution to this problem: eyebrow transplant. And Dr. Umar is the hair transplant […]

Before and After Follicular Unit Extraction to Restore Crown- 1200 Grafts

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  • Patient Before His Crown Hair Restoration Surgery

This patient sought hair loss help from Dr. Umar, one of the best Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant doctors in the world.  He had lost a considerable amount of hair in his crown area. This individual had an ample supply of  thriving follicles on his head.  Dr. Umar was able to extract 1200 grafts  from this region. In Follicular Unit Extraction, patients do not have to worry about a large scar in the end. Each graft (a natural grouping of 1-4 follicles, known as a Follicular Unit) is derived directly from the scalp. Sometimes these extractions are performed on other […]

Before and After Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant to Restore Thinning Hair and Hairline-1500 uGrafts

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  • Patient Prior to His FUE Hairline Restoration Surgery

The patient in this video chose a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. Like many men, he  experienced hairline recession followed by thinning in the top part of his head. Dr. Umar was able to restore these areas using uGraft (his proprietary hair transplant tool) to extract 1500 follicular units. In the video, the patient talks about his friend who also had a hair transplant procedure. However his results were achieved with strip surgery.  According to the patient, the scar (on the friend) “was very noticeable…and I told him that I had surgery. He couldn’t believe it at first.  And then he said, […]

Body Hair Transplant Megasession of 14,000 Grafts–11 Month Update

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  • Patient Before His Body Hair Transplant to Fix Bad Surgery Results

This patient’s battle with pattern baldness first delivered him to surgical hair restoration using the strip method, or follicular unit transplant (FUT). The FUT surgery outcome was significantly substandard; it resulted in almost no yield, obvious linear scars, a crown filled with displaced grafts, and a pluggy hairline. Ultimately, the patient was still bald and in great need of a corrective procedure. He came to DermHair Clinic for his repair, which consisted of a two-session process utilizing body hair transplant (BHT).  Dr. Umar transplanted 9,000 grafts in the first session and 5,000 grafts in the second session. Both sessions harvested […]

UGraft Hair Transplant Repair—12,500 FUE Grafts

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  • Challenging Repair| Body Hair Transplant With UGraft

This patient had undergone several prior efforts at hair restoration surgery since the age of 18 and was continually faced with discouraging results. Numerous scalp reductions only produced ongoing baldness, with the addition of surgical scars. He came to Dr. Umar with the understanding that his hair loss was severe and he was in need of an Advanced FUE hair transplant repair. Compiling A 12,500 Graft Donor Supply Using his self-developed, revolutionary uGraft tool Dr. Umar restored the patient from his advanced state of baldness, while adding enough density to cover the scars. He harvested 12,500 FUE grafts total, comprised […]

9,000 Grafts Beard and Body Hair Transplant Repair with uGraft

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  • Patient Before & After| 9000 BHT Grafts

Numerous prior hair restoration procedures—involving both FUE and strip harvesting—left this patient with disappointing results. He still had major thinning across the top third of his scalp, now with unnatural graft placement and linear scars to conceal. He sought out Dr. Umar for his expertise in body hair transplant and hair transplant repair. 9000 Graft Donor Pool Made Possible With Beard and Body Hair Dr. Umar extracted 9,000 FUE grafts over the course of two surgeries to restore this patient’s density and hairline. His signature tool, UGraft, was used to harvest hairs mainly from the beard and body, and a […]

Crown and Hairline Restoration With 10,000 Grafts Using FUE Hair Transplant

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  • Patient Before His Facial Head to Hair Transplant Surgery

The patient in this video wanted to correct the following issues 1)       Hair loss in the crown area 2)       Hairline recession 3)      Hair  thinning in the top part of the head Dr. Umar used his uGraft FUE Hair Transplant technique to extract a combination of nape, beard and head hair. A total of 10,000 grafts were needed to achieve these objectives. The follicles from the nape area were primarily used to give the new hairline a more natural quality. The hairline was created to suit this particular patient’s facial structure.  Dr. Umar blocked the temple points and the […]