9,000 Grafts Beard and Body Hair Transplant Repair with uGraft

9,000 Grafts Beard and Body Hair Transplant Repair with uGraft

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Numerous prior hair restoration procedures—involving both FUE and strip harvesting—left this patient with disappointing results. He still had major thinning across the top third of his scalp, now with unnatural graft placement and linear scars to conceal. He sought out Dr. Umar for his expertise in body hair transplant and hair transplant repair.

Botched Hair Restoration Results| Poorly Inserted Grafts - Before BHT Repair

Pluggy misplaced grafts and minimal growth resulted from hair transplant surgeries performed by less experienced clinics. Here is a photo of the patient before his repair surgery with Dr. U.

9000 Graft Donor Pool Made Possible With Beard and Body Hair

Dr. Umar extracted 9,000 FUE grafts over the course of two surgeries to restore this patient’s density and hairline. His signature tool, UGraft, was used to harvest hairs mainly from the beard and body, and a small number from the head as well. The patient now has a youthful head of hair, a natural-looking hairline, and feels confident enough in the concealment of his scars to wear a short haircut.

“If you’re unhappy with losing hair, then definitely come to Dr. Umar,” the patient advises all hair loss sufferers.

Before and After Photos of BHT Results at 5 Months

Despite the egregious mistakes of past surgeries, the patient succeeded at restoring natural hair growth patterns and a normal looking coverage. This not only includes the areas of the scalp marked by failed growth and poorly placed grafts, but also the empty areas caused by major scarring. Here are images comparing the patient before and after his procedure.

Remarkable results are seen at just five months following his last surgery.

Top of Scalp| Before and After 9000 Graft Repair

The top of the patient’s head was plagued by pluggy minimal growth and misplaced grafts. Here are photos before and after his surgical repair performed by Dr. U.


Placement of New Temples & Hairline| Side by Side Comparison

Dr. U designed an excellent hairline and temple points to frame the patient’s face. These images also show where grafts were inserted to fill in the missing areas.


Repairing Crown Hair Loss & Scars| 9000  BHT Grafts - Before and After

The abundant donor supply of 9000 grafts enabled the patient to finally achieve more normal looking coverage throughout his head.

Strip Scar Repair|Amazing Improvement With Body Hair Insertions

The accumulation of past surgical scars created an unusual hair pattern on the this region of the head. However, Dr. U was able to repair this area with body hair grafts to help reverse this appearance.


Satisfied Body Hair to Head Patient| 9000 Graft Repair

The seemingly hopeless challenges of this patient’s case were finally able to be resolved through the reliable extraction of body and beard hair grafts.

Patient’s Video of His Body Hair Transplant Results

The full extent of results from a hair restoration surgery are usually manifest by month eighteen. However, this patient shows excellent progress in his coverage and overall appearance at just five months.

Watch this video where Dr. U guides viewers on various aspects of the patient’s outcome. Also listen to the feedback given by the patient in his very own words.


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