Is Pain in FUE hair restoration procedures a significant factor?

Minimize pain in FUE hair restoration

A: More pain is associated with strip procedures compared to Follicular Unit Extraction.  Strip is more invasive and requires the use of a scalpel.   It is easier to minimize pain in FUE hair restoration procedures because very tiny needle like punches are applied directly on the surface of the scalp.  Therefore,  it is less painful by comparison.

The pain threshold differs across individuals and would influence the perception of pain in FUE hair restoration.  But most patients do not report extreme discomfort during their surgery.  Hair transplants are done with local anesthesia.  Areas of the scalp are injected to numb sensations of pain from the incisions.  The only source of pain is typically during the injection of the local anesthetics. Dr U ameliorate this pain by the use of distracting vibrator tools during the injection. Most patients have commented on how painless the injections were when this technique is applied. In many  cases, a mild oral sedative is also administered.  The individual is able to stay awake with the option to watch a movie that is playing in the background. Dr U recommends the use of oral and intramuscular mild sedatives to assuage anxiety since anxiety plays a critical role in the patients pain threshold and perceptions.

Additional forms of medication can be used to supplement the effects of local anesthesia.  But it is important to keep in mind that the use of more drugs is may also induce unwanted side effects.

According to most patients, the only pain they might feel is the initial injections of the local anesthesia. Afterwards, once this is in effect, they are aware of pressure and pulling sensations from the actual procedure.

Pain killers may be prescribed or recommended for use after the surgery.  There may be some swelling or discomfort. But most people do not require them.

Dr U utilizes vibrating tools to reduce the pain of anesthesia injections
Dr U utilizes vibrating tools to reduce the pain of anesthesia injections


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