Q. How many grafts can be transplanted in one hair restoration session?
What is the maximum graft number per hair transplant session? It depends on several factors. Dr U has the world reputation for restoring severely bald patients and the highest number of grafts transplanted in single individuals on a consistent basis.  An entire procedure can be as large as 15,000 grafts or even  as high as 25,000. Large graft hair transplant of course would not be done in a single day.  We would need to plan a series of smaller sessions.  For example, this can be a series of consecutive workdays.  Typical ranges of about 800-1500 grafts (using body and or head hair follicles) can be transplanted.  But this can actually be higher . The exact number would actually depend on the characteristics of your hair.



Intricacies of Larger graft number per hair transplant session Procedures.

Some patients wonder if a series of sessions or a larger megasession is best.  A larger session is usually convenient for both the patient and the doctor.  In terms of scheduling, one session would save the patient from having to come in on multiple days. But also crusting and redness will develop in between the smaller sessions, which can make it harder for the surgeon to identify new grafts to extract.

Over all the doctor and patient would need to reach a mutual agreement on what is best.  If the patient has financial constraints and needs to have separate sessions, this can certainly be accommodated.  To learn more about  determining graft count, click here

graft number per hair transplant session - what is the maximum?
The maximum graft number per hair transplant session depends on several factors*

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