Memorial Day Tips for Thinning Hair: Hair Sunscreens !

The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, means spending more time outdoors. The  sun can accelerate the problem of thinning hair. Dr U’s Tip this Memorial Day, don’t forget the Hair Sunscreens.

Dr U Tips for Thinning Hair, Hair sunscreens !

Thinning Hair Needs Sunscreen

We know the importance of sunscreen for our skin, but did you know the UV rays of the sun break down our hair as well?

Over 40% of women over 40 and 95% of men suffering from thinning hair. Most hair loss is a genetic challenge. As the hair follicles miniaturize as we grow older, they produce weaker shafts that are susceptible to falling out at the root, or breaking. Rosie O’Donnell, in a brave tweet showed her thinning hairline, “Male pattern baldness . . .aging is fun.” @Rosie


In addition to styling to cover bald patches, pay attention to environmental factors which hasten hair loss by weakening the hair shafts we have left. Many people are unaware of how UV rays can facilitate hair damage and hair loss. This energy can affect both the scalp and the hair shafts themselves.

UV rays can create free radicals from regular oxygen molecules on the skin, causing them to lose electrons and become unstable. They will then target other molecules to acquire electrons and regain stability. This sets off a chain reaction that damages tissue structures beneath the skin. And this can have an adverse effect on hair follicles, causing them to shed hair.

Also UV rays can damage chemical bonds in the cuticle (outer layer) and the cortex (center) of the hair shafts. These structural changes can lead to breakage, dryness and frizzy hair.


But don’t just grab any sunscreen; you’ll need one formulated for hair. There are a number of products on the market today, especially for hair and scalp. Redken makes one for colored hair, and Aveda and Kerastase have products for the hair as well. Like everything do your research, because you want to find the right product for your hair and scalp. Your Dermatologist can help you find the sunscreen right for you. So enjoy your summer time fun in the sun and be smart about it too.

If you have a question about hair restoration surgery or hair loss (alopecia) just Ask Dr. Umar.

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