How Nutrition Fights Millennial Hair Loss

Healthy Lifestyles lead to health hair and nutrition fights millennial hair loss. Every guy and gal under 35 should want to be the tortoise and not the hare in life’s aging race. While it’s okay to have that burger and fries on occasion, good nutrition gives you a fighting chance to keep the hair you have. Take on the 80/20 rule when it comes to your diet. If you get good protein and vitamin rich nutrients of your food eighty percent of the time you’ll help your hair stay stronger and longer.

We lose hair from breakage, when the hair shaft becomes brittle from poor diets and environmental factors, like the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Healthy hair has a natural oil coating, which helps to keep it intact. Follow these five tips to keep father time away from your door:

Your Mother Is Right, Eat Your Greens: Learn How Nutrition Fights Millennial Hair Loss

Tip #1: Eat good healthy proteins that boost your Omega-3 levels. According to the National Institute of Health Foods rich in this vital nutrient are fatty fish: salmon, tuna, and trout. Some forms of shellfish fill the bill, like mussels, crab and oysters.

How nutrition Fights Millennial Hair Loss
Leafy greens aren’t sexy, but you want to be right?

Tip #2: Eat your greens. Your mother has been telling you this for years. Does she know a secret? A B12 deficiency can lead to hair loss, and  Vitamin B6 may be useful in aiding hair growth. Dark green vegetables, spinach, broccoli and kale are excellent sources of Vitamins C and B. They might not be very sexy, but you might be.

Tip #3: Beans are a great source of healthy protein whether you are a vegetarian or not. These little building blocks help to strengthen the hair that you have.

Tip# 4: Supplements can’t replace the nutrition from a healthy diet, but can help you augment it. B-12 and Biotin support the growth of your hair.

Tip #5: Cover what you have. Whether you use a sunscreen in your conditioner or show your team loyalty, dried out hair leads to breakage. Do what your can to protect nature’s gift for shiny and vibrant hair.

Watch this video of KCAL 9 interview with Dr U on nutritional tips for a healthy head of hair!

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