Nerve damage is less likely after FUE compared with FUT.
Is there a difference in Strip versus FUE Hair transplant yield ?
Is there a difference in Strip versus FUE Hair transplant yield ? No. This is actually not an accurate statement. The results of an FUE hair transplant procedure will depend on the skills and abilities of the surgeon.

However, here is the reasoning behind why you may have heard that Follicular Unit Extraction causes less hair to grow in the final outcome. To understand this, it may be helpful to refresh your concept of how the procedure is done.

Strip versus FUE Hair transplant yield
Strip versus FUE Hair transplant yield*

The Basic Process of A Surgery Performed With FUE

In Follicular Unit Extraction, tiny punches are used. These are usually 1.0mm or slightly less.  The circular edge of the instrument needs to accurately enclose each follicular unit graft. Mistakes in placing the punch can actually cut through the hair structure. Or part of it may be severed. Some people think that the small sized FUE punch can remove part of the outer layer around each follicular unit.

Theoretically, this would have a negative impact on the ability of the follicles to actually survive. But if the doctor is experienced enough, he or she would be able to avoid this type of damage.

In strip surgery, removing the excised section of the skin makes it possible for technicians to examine it under a microscope.. This makes it easier to actually see the outer boundaries of the follicular unit. Each graft is removed through manual dissection.

Strip versus FUE Hair transplant yield : Graft Integrity

Based on the concept of each hair transplant method described above, many people assume that the viability of grafts harvested through FUE is less than those removed through strip surgery. Although it is understandable that mistakes can occur by using punches to remove follicular units, this does not mean that such errors happen with equal frequency across all surgeons who use this method.

To illustrate this point, it may help to view before and after images and or videos of patients who have undergone Follicular Unit Extraction or strip surgery. Or visiting forums and learning about the feedback of actual individuals can be informative as well.

What you will likely find is that there are many examples which reflect outstanding results as well as bad outcomes throughout case studies of both FUE and strip. There are examples of poor growth yield within each of these surgery types.

In other words, you will not come across a preponderance of cases where strip surgery patients overwhelmingly ended up with superior growth yield compared to their FUE counterparts. This is simply not the case..

Here at Dermhair Clinic, we have performed repair surgery for many patients who initially underwent strip surgery, but experienced no growth because their inserted follicles did not survive. And these corrective procedures were performed with UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction. In some cases, we are able to use donor grafts from the head, if the required quantities are available. In others, it may be necessary to use body hair follicles to create the supply needed.

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, it is always best for a prospective patient to focus more on results rather than weighing importance on the technique used, based on a conceptual understanding. Viewing as many examples of past work as possible will be key.

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