Nerve damage is less likely after FUE compared with FUT.
Is it still possible to get nerve damage from FUE Hair Restoration procedures?
The risk of nerve damage from FUE Hair Restoration procedures as well as strip surgery is worth researching before undergoing either.  Nerve damage is more likely to occur in strip surgery compared to FUE hair restoration, because harvesting by strip surgery method involves cutting across an area traversed by the 2 main back of the head nerve supplies.  Thus these two main nerves can be severed completely. In FUE hair restoration however, since small punches are used, the chance of severing a nerve is minimal. Bruising and other minor traumas can occur to the nerve during FUE hair restoration however. These would typically result in minor and often temporary abnormal nerve sensations. Tingling and numbness may be experienced. However, permanent damage is very rare. Strip procedures are far more invasive since a scalpel is used to remove entire sections of skin. And in this process, it is quite possible to sever nerve fibers.

Nerve Damage from FUE Hair Restoration

Nerve damage from FUE Hair Restoration is is less likely because tiny punches are used. Although they do not penetrate as deep, nerve fibers do exist relatively close to the skin’s surface. So it is quite possible to affect them as well. However, in the event that this happens, it is fairly easy for the nerves to rearrange themselves to compensate for such minor injuries, typically within 6weeks to 3 months.  More time is often needed with strip surgery harvesting procedures which could take 9 months or never recover at all.


Is Nerve damage from FUE Hair Restoration Possible ?
Is Nerve damage from FUE Hair Restoration Possible ?*

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