Is there a link between air pollution and hair loss?
Scientists are still researching whether there is a connection between air pollution and hair loss.  One recent study in particular compared the extent of hair loss in men who lived in the country versus those who lived in the city. And the degree of baldness was noted to be higher for those who dwell in urban areas. Researchers believe that pollutants in the air can disrupt processes in the follicles which create new hair shafts.

Is there a link between air pollution and hair loss

This phenomenon may occur with other types of pollutants as well. But additional controlled studies across large numbers of subjects would need to be conducted to learn about these effects further.

Genes, of course, create the predisposition to baldness as a central causal factor of hair loss.  But it is quite possible for environmental factors to speed up the actual rate of hair shedding and loss.


research findings suggest a link between air pollution and hair loss
(Creative Commons- Wikipedia) female hair loss should be addressed by first identifying causes like hormones, drug side effects and thyroid disorders
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