Q. Propecia and alcohol: Is it true that Propecia can lower my interest in alcohol?
So far, there have only been informal observational studies on the connection between Propecia and alcohol. Propecia is a trade name for finasteride.

The research to determine a connection between finasteride and alcohol was conducted at the George Washington University Medical Center. It only involved 83 subjects who were moderate social drinkers (not alcohol abusers) and prescribed Finasteride for hair loss.  A portion of them reported drinking less after being on the drug.

At this point, scientists are not sure why this phenomenon occurred. One possibility is that Finasteride affects the neurosteroidal system which may be the locus which controls the drive for alcohol. Further research is needed to explore the relationship between Finasteride and alcohol interest.

In the meantime, patients who are taking the hair restoration prescription drug should only do so for its intended use, not as a tool for helping to treat excessive alcohol intake.

Researchers have found a possible link between Propecia and alcohol consumption reduction
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Some patients may experience new hair growth from taking Propecia. Others may not. But all patients should consider the risk of side effects when deciding to take this drug or not.
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