Pattern baldness genetics. Are environmental factors important ?
The core cause of pattern baldness  is DNA. pattern baldness genetics is a hot topic of research interest.  This creates protein receptors on the hair follicles which have less resilience to the adverse effects of DHT. The hair follicles then shrink and lose their ability to grow hair as they once did. But genetics is not the end all when it comes to baldness causes, aggravators and accelerators. While individuals can have a genetic predisposition to androgenic alopecia, environmental factors can also speed up or slow down the rate of hair loss.

Detrimental variables include side effects from prescription drugs, physiological stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and excess sun exposure. On the other hand quality protein rich nutrition and healthy lifestyles can slow down the rate of hair loss.


Pattern Baldness Genetics work in concert with environmental factors for the final picture to emerge with time
The progression of hair loss according to the Hamilton Norwood scale

Video of Dr U discussing treatment of hair loss by diet and healthy living

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