DHT Shampoos and Hair Restoration
Should DHT Shampoos Be Part of Your Hair Restoration Strategy?
Products are constantly being developed to address people’s needs. When it comes to common cosmetic issues, there is no lack of merchandise which promises to get rid of wrinkles,  large pores, brown spots and even treat hair loss. There are shampoos, for example which are intended to diminish DHT levels on the scalp.  Should they be included in your plan for restoring your hair?

DHT And Hair Loss

A marketing tactic that is often seen in beauty and grooming products is to include scientific terms on the labeling. This, of course is done to establish a sense of legitimacy. It may feel good to buy something that feels promising.  But what ultimately matters is whether the purchase will lead to the improvements that are suggested on the packaging.

Consumers need to be savvy and ask questions. This includes understanding: what an endorsed term actually means on a product label, what it does and how it plays out in the issue they want to solve.  

What Is DHT?

DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone.  It forms as a byproduct from the break down of testosterone.  At the bottom of each hair follicle are derma papilla cells. When they divide, they will differentiate and form new follicles.  In men, there are more protein receptors on these cells than in females.

In individuals who have the gene for pattern baldness, the DNA code provides instructions for creating receptors that are weak and sensitive to DHT.  DHT will reduce the ability of the derma papilla cells to take in the nutrients that it needs.  This will compromise the health of the follicles. Their resting phases become longer. And their growth phases become shorter as a result.  The weak androgen receptors will not be able to offer much protection from these effects.

Should DHT Shampoos Be Part of Your Hair Restoration Strategy
The effects of DHT are central to the development of male pattern baldness which can be effectively addressed through hair transplant procedures*

Will DHT Shampoos Lead To Hair Restoration?

DHT can be present on or near the surface of the scalp. But as you’ve already learned, much of its action takes place at the base of the hair follicle. It is quite logical to see that the effects of the DHT shampoos are not likely to have a significant enough effect that would noticeably reverse the signs of hair loss.

Instead, individuals who are experience progressive baldness should consult with a physician about using FDA approved products. These include:

(1) Rogaine

  • topical product
  • available over the counter
  • works by increasing circulation to the scalp

(2) Propecia

  • oral prescription
  • available through a prescription
  • works by blocking the enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT

For more information about these drugs, click here.

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