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No Need For Comb Overs With FUE Method uGraft
No Need For Comb Overs With FUE method UGraft.  Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction with uGraft makes it possible to restore even the most severe cases of baldness. This is done by safely and successfully harvesting follicles from alternate sources such as the face, chest, lets, arms and back.

However, before the sophistication of today’s techniques in hair restoration,  graft sizes ranged from 4-6mm. And transplanted hair earned the nickname of “plugs.” Back in the 70s, there was a disdain for obvious looking grafts that looked like dolls hair. And this may be why comb overs became a signature hair style associated with this decade.

Christian Bale is playing Melvin Weinberg in a currently untitled film about the 70s FBI Abscam sting operation.  Photos  of the actor  have been posted by New York Daily News showing him on set in a “greasy comb over.”

One particular version of the comb over by Donald and Frank Smith  actually has a US patent (4022227). This was done back in 1977  The father and son duo earned an Ig Nobel Prize (which is a parody of the actual Nobel Prize) as a result.

The Comb Over Today

Today,  men still wear  the comb over. This includes famous individuals such as: 

(1) the president of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika

(2)  politician in Spain, Iñaki Anasagasti

(3) business entrepreneur & television personality, Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hair was even written about in Vanity Fair, who noted his “double comb over,” which shows cross hatching under bright light! Donald trump likely had a hair flap surgery which causes a the hairs to be in difficult angles explaining why He needs to adopt his double comb over as a camouflage

Why is There No Need For Comb Overs With FUE?:

With the standards of today’s hair transplant methods, it is no longer necessary to grow out the sides of the head to cover a bald top. Instead of chunky hair plugs, we now have discreet follicular units of 1-4 hairs.

Those who still wear a comb over may feel that it is too late for them to get a hair restoration procedure.  This may be true with older surgical paradigms that solely rely on the limited number of hair follicles from the head.  But as Dr. U explained on the Tom Joyner radio show, with use of nody hair in the donor pool, it is never too late for a hair transplant procedure. This is where the UGraft Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction method invented by Dr U comes in. With this method grafts can be harvested from any and all body sources. However, hair from these regions grow at acute angles compared to those from the head. And these follicles are far more fragile. Therefore, this area of practice requires more specialized tools and techniques which the Ugraft does very well better and more consistently than any other FUE method. For that reason currently only the UGraft can credibly make true the statement: ” No Need For Comb Overs With FUE, as in UGraft FUE for most patients. Not only is this important for preventing damage to the follicles, but also the  quality of wound healing is important for body are very visible.

And with the help of body follicles, tens of thousands of grafts can be compiled into a donor pool. The maximum number from the head region is about 7,000-8,000.

Severe Baldness Successfully Reversed With uGraft

Here is an example of a severely bald Norwood 7 patient at Derm Hair Clinic. He did not like the typical options available for his level of hair loss which often include:

(1) wearing a hair piece

(2) shaving the entire head

Instead, he chose to undergo procedures with uGraft to achieve the level of coverage that he wanted. Here are his results:

No Need For Comb Overs With FUE using the UGraft
Severely bald patient showing his initial state, and results after second and third surgeries*

If you are interested in watching his video and hearing what he has to say about his experience, click here.

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