Confidence and Hair Loss
Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence
Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Without a doubt, hair loss can be a devastating experience which can undermine your confidence and sense esteem. No one knows this better than Dr. U. His personal experience with baldness and failed transplantation surgery led him to devote much of his medical career to the field of hair restoration.

Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence
(image: Flickr- Creative Commons) High confidence is certainly possible even when suffering from hair loss.*

It is certainly possible to undergo procedures to reverse hair loss to the point where it feels like just a bad nightmare that can easily be forgotten. However, not everyone will be a candidate. And a period of using medications or natural treatments may be required to see if benefits can be attained.

If  hair transplantation is chosen, it requires a rather lengthy process. This includes the personal research needed, finding the right doctor and waiting about eighteen months before the final results manifest.

In the meantime, it is important not to let your emotional or mental health suffer. Experiencing negative emotions on a regular basis can lead to more serious issues like:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • body dysmorphic disorder

Here are some of Dr. U’s tips to help bolster your confidence while experiencing hair loss

(1) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Focus on your strengths

I am not what has happened to me. I am who I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

You can’t always choose or change your outer circumstances. But you can choose how you react to what happens to you. Hair loss is simply a circumstance. And yet there are many ways you can choose to react to it.

Start by focusing on your strengths and your life goals. Areas to think about may include your career, family, close circle of friends, hobbies, interests, sports and even personal projects.

Be clear about what you are uniquely good at. And work to develop this. Also think about what you can proactively do to enhance other areas of your life in a positive direction.

Investing more of your energy on other aspects can help shift your perspective away from your hair loss concerns. You may find that your emotions shift to a more neutral state.

(2) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Find a worthy cause to support

Feeling like you are making a difference in the world can be enormously satisfying. Find a cause that you feel passionate about. Besides just donating money, you may also want to think about participating in a deeper level of engagement. This may include:

  • volunteering time
  • starting a project to generating awareness or donations

You may want to create your own website or social media campaign to help support your cause.

(3) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Find examples of confident people with hair loss

Don’t forget that hair loss happens to many people. You are not the only one. In fact, there are many examples of individuals who also faced hair loss, but did not let this bring them down.  Aside from the well known example of Bruce Willis, there are others such as:

  • Patrick Stewart
  • Seth Godin
  • Dr. Phil
  • Michael Jordan
  • Garth Brooks
  • Marlon Brando

You may want to watch their videos on You Tube to serve as tangible examples of real people with hair loss who continue to maintain a strong sense of confidence. This most likely illustrates item one on this list which has to do with focusing on personal strengths above all else.


Likewise think about non-celebrities or individuals in your own life who demonstrate these qualities.

(3) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Join forums and online communities

If you don’t feel like the current people in your life can fully relate to your situation and you continue to feel alone in dealing with the emotions associated with hair loss, consider joining online forums and communities.

Understanding the fact that hair loss happens to many people may not be enough. It is far more powerful to actually meet real individuals with whom you can share your experiences with.

Furthermore, you can also learn about various treatment options from actual individuals who have experienced them. This may include hair transplants, medical interventions, supplements, diet changes and the use of topical products.

(4) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Find inspirational media

Find quotes, articles and even online videos of motivational speakers who really inspire you. This can help you master the perspective that your physical appearance is only a small part of who you are.  While it does matter to an extent,  it is important to remember that there are other ways to relate to yourself and other people.

When you feel down about your hair loss, you can revisit your collection of media.  Therefore, you may want to keep them bookmarked in a convenient place.

(5) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Write down your emotions

How you are reacting to your hair loss is simply a product of your emotions. It will help to regain a grounded neutral view by writing down any bothersome feelings you are experiencing. When you reread what you’ve jotted down, you may feel surprised by your reactions and gain a renewed and balanced perspective of your condition.

(6) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Work with a hair stylist

If you are still in the early to mid stages of your hair loss, it may help to work with a stylist to create the most flattering look with what you have left.

This may involve creating more volume to minimize the appearance of thinning. Or cropping the hair to create a very sleek, clean cut look may be the best way to go.

Working with the right hair stylist can update your image in ways that may surprise you. And this can have a positive effect on your overall self concept.

(7) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Improve your health and fitness

Your outward appearance is not just influenced by your hair, but also your level of health and fitness which can affect how you project and carry yourself.

Therefore, concentrate on improving your physiology and overall health. This can create a positive influence on your overall mood.

(8) Coping With Hair Loss and Building Confidence : Update your wardrobe

Efforts to improve your confidence should ultimately focus on what is going on within you. However, it can also help to place less attention on your hair loss by thinking about other ways to improve your appearance. Find what types of clothes define your personal style. Get ideas from images you see online. And take time to decide which purchases are right for you.  New clothes, of course, should not be depended upon for your sense of worth and self esteem. They are simply tools to help you define your self concept and how you want to express your identity to others.  But what is most important is who you are on the inside.

Dr. U’s Word of Advice

Dr. U encourages all hair loss sufferers to take charge of their emotional and mental well being and the overall quality of their lives. Even if hair restoration surgery is decided upon, taking proactive measures to improve confidence and self esteem will certainly be  well worth the effort in the end.  And any positive results which are gained from treatment will only be icing on the cake.

Above all, it is very important to get involved in a course that is outside of yourself and direct interest. It enforces the sense of empathy and removes the focus from your perceived problems and negative pre-occupations.

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