Repair of Multiple Strip Surgery Scars
Body hair Transplant 7000 grafts achieves transformation in donor depleted patient

Body hair Transplant 7000 grafts : Dr U utilized his signature UGraft Revolution,  ( body hair transplant 7000 grafts) and artistry to transform the life of this patient who had lost all hope. His story: Initially, he tried to restore his hair by undergoing strip surgery as well as scalp reductions. His first surgery before Dr Umar produced poor growth yield. Likewise his subsequent procedures before Dr Umar failed to create desired results. He was also in dire need of strip surgery repair. Not only did he continue to have a receded hairline and temples, but his scalp was also marked by

(1) deep, striated and noticeable scars

(2) harsh hairline that he wanted to soften and modify to create the high, natural and mature looking hairline sported by singer, Bono.

(3) slot formation in the crown caused by deformity from scalp reductions

With each surgery, the number of head donor follicles left of the head dwindled. This remaining quantity was not enough to cover all the areas that the patient wanted to target.

However, through the option of a body hair to head surgery, new options became available. In order for this type of body hair transplant procedure to be successful, specialized punches need to be used since non-head hair follicles grow almost parallel to the skin’s surface.

Body Hair Transplantation With UGraft for Advanced FUE

Dr. U designed his UGraft technology to overcome this challenge so that patients can benefit from larger donor supplies. This Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction instrument includes specific features such as:

  1. outward curved cutting axis which is directed away from the follicle
  2. gentle pulling system to help remove the follicle from its surroundings
  3. water transport system which further ensures the safety and continued hydration of the graft

Learn more about UGraft here.

Strip Surgery Repair & Normal Coverage Restored With Beard, Scalp and Nape Hair

Although this patient’s repair goals was considered to be virtually impossible, the use of beard hair extended his donor supply so that he could finally achieve a normal and natural looking appearance, as well as yielding a successful strip surgery repair.

The total number of grafts harvested was 7286. 2864 grafts originated from the beard regions of the face and neck. 4458 grafts were extracted from the head. And the remaining 174 grafts came from the nape.

Below are the patient’s before and after photos along with his video at eighteen months which show the full extent of the growth results.

Body hair Transplant 7000 grafts
Body hair grafts were inserted into the multiple strip scars shown here to successfully camouflage them.*
Before and after Body hair Transplant 7000 grafts - strip scar repair
strip scarring on the sides of the patient’s head were finally resolved through the insertion of non-head hair grafts*
BHT 7000 grafts before and after
The sparseness on the patient’s crown was reversed through the abundant donor supply compiled through the use of beard hair.*
BHT 7000 grafts results
Patient shown with the mature hairline that he wanted*
BHT by FUE 7000 grafts before and after temple points
Patient shown with advanced temples from his BHT procedure performed by Dr. U*


Here is the patient’s video where he discusses his experience using his own words. He expresses how pleased he is with the natural looking results of his body hair to head surgery and the freedom to style his hair however he wants without worrying about having to hide anything.

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