Beard Hair Transplantation|Strip Repair - 4500 Grafts
Head and Beard Hair to head transplant – 4500 Grafts

Head and Beard Hair to head transplant – 4500 Grafts : This patient’s hair loss had progressed to a Norwood 6 level, which is in the range of severe baldness. Initially, he placed his hope in a strip surgery performed at a different clinic. However, the final growth which manifested ended up being a disappointment with minimal yield, pluggy strands, obvious signs of continued hair loss and a noticeable strip scar.

Through conventional forms of hair transplantation, his chances of attaining a full head of hair would have been considered unrealistic. This is because traditional donor graft sources are derived exclusively from the head.

However, Dr. U recognized that this limitation is only due to the design of standard Follicular Unit Extraction punches. This insight led him to rethink the basic structure and capabilities of FUE hair transplant punches and invent a different form of instrumentation that could successfully extract body hair.

Head and Beard Hair to head transplant – 4500 Grafts: UGraft Procedure For More Donor Grafts

Straight cylindrical punches are best suited for removing scalp hair which grows close to 90 degrees.

In trying to improve upon this concept, Dr. U designed UGraft, his Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology with a cutting axis that is curved away from the hair follicle and enables the safe removal of non-traditional body and beard hair which grows at much sharper angles. To learn more about how this works, click here.

UGraft therefore allows surgeons to reliably remove large volumes of hair transplant grafts from alternate sources on the face and the rest of the body.

Head and Beard Hair to head transplant Repair With 4500 Grafts – Results

The patient shown here required 4500 grafts to repair his strip surgery results and recover a youthful looking coverage. His basic goals included:

  • improved coverage for his crown, top and front
  • concealment of his strip scar
  • natural looking hairline to frame his face

With the help of beard hair, this became quite feasible. These photos show what a difference these additional grafts made in the quality of his final appearance shown at just nine months.


Head and Beard Hair to head transplant - 4500 Grafts before and after photos
Dr. U repaired the patient’s pluggy hair grafts around the face to create a flattering and natural looking frame*


Beard Hair Grafts- Crown, Frontal Scalp & Top| Before and After
The sparseness and lack of hair growth transformed into abundant fullness through the use of head and beard hair grafts*


Strip Scar Repair| Crown Restoration| Right Side View
View of patient’s strip scar on the right side of the scalp which was concealed with BHT grafts*
Beard Hair Transplantation| Left Side -Before & After
Beard hair transplant for repair of strip scar – left side view of patient’s head*
Temple & Hairline Restoration| Beard Hair Transplant - Right Side View
Dr. U designed temple points to compliment the patient’s new hairline and create a most flattering facial frame.*

Head and Beard Hair to head transplant – 4500 Grafts Patient’s Video

Due to the distance of his residence, the patient took video footage to feature his results. These are shown here.

Further improvements and growth are expected beyond this halfway point in the patient’s growth process.

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