FUE Transplant on Asian Patient
Asian FUE Hair Transplant – 3000 Grafts
Asian FUE Hair Transplant – 3000 Grafts : 3000 grafts transplanted by UGraft FUE. This patient is one of several men and women of Asian descent that Dr. Umar has worked on using the scalpel free, linear scar free, FUE hair transplantation method.

Asian FUE Hair Transplant Patient
Follicular Unit Extraction performed on Asian patient*







Dr. Umar finds that Asian hair is one of the simplest to extract using the follicular unit extraction method called UGraft. He also determined that Asian hair is typically thick compared to other races. Thus following hair restoration surgery the transplanted hairline tends to have a harsh artificial quality. Dr. Umar solves this problem by utilizing softer hair from the nape areas. With this approach, Dr. Umar’s Asian hair transplants have consistently come out most natural often to the astonishment of the patient. The patient in this picture has had a hard time convincing his professional barber that he has indeed had a hair transplant. Dr. Umar sees a lot of Asian patients at his practice in Los Angeles California, and his patients have traveled from far away places such as Japan, Taiwan, to Orange county, San Francisco bay area and San Jose

Asian FUE Hair Transplant – 3000 Grafts

FUE surgery is particular advantageous in Asian patients because of their normally thick hair follicles, hair transplantation in them often results in harsh hairlines. With UGraft FUE, finer hairs from the nape areas in the very front of the newly created hairline in Asian patient to impart natural looking softness. This is not possible with the traditional strip hair transplantation surgical approach. Asian Hair FUE is the easiest of the racial groups. Discussions especially apply to East Asians eg Asians of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino descent.

Before and After Asian FUE Hair Transplant - 3000 Grafts
Ethnic characteristics need to be accounted for when performing FUE*

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