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The outdated hair transplant method of “strip harvesting” leaves those who have endured it with no appreciable difference in hair restoration, along with an unsightly scar to remind them of the failed effort. This scarring also greatly reduces their personal style choices, because it is all but impossible to sport a tight crew cut when […]

At DermHair Clinic, we see many people in search of a solution to failed transplant surgeries that used outdated methods such as “strip harvesting,” which left them as bald as ever – with bonus of ugly scars. For this patient, Dr. Umar used Follicular Unit Extraction to transplant 2,600 individual hairs from the patient’s nape […]

This patient had resorted to wearing a hairpiece to hide the damage from a failed transplant procedure done at another clinic. His unnatural hairline was pluggy, his crown empty, scars from the outdated “strip harvesting” method were prominent. He also lacked adequate amounts of donor hair on his scalp to use for transplant. Dr. Umar […]

Before this patient came to Dr. Umar, he tried a common approach to hiding his male pattern baldness – combing his hair over the problem are and hoping no one noticed. Using the advanced technique of Follicular Unit Extraction, Dr. Umar transplanted 2,500 individual grafts of hair from the nape of the patient’s neck and […]

A harsh hairline is common with the older strip method of hair transplantation because it uses hair from the middle and back of your head, which is thickest. This patient has had a good quality hair transplant from a top clinic specializing in the older strip method, but wanted a softer hairline. Dr. Umar used […]

Though the technical procedure of FUE hair transplant is the same for all, there are some differences between ethnicities only an expert knows to take note of. Generally speaking, Asian people have thicker hair follicles but less hairs per centimeter of scalp. This means the hair has the illusion of greater density, but in fact […]

The patient in this video did not have enough donor hair on his head to meet the needs of repairing his severe hair loss and balding crown. Dr. Umar used a combination of hair from the patient’s head, body and beard (called body hair transplant) to transfer over 15,000 grafts to the damaged area. Nine […]

This patient came to Dr. Umar in hopes of finding a solution to a failed hair transplant done at another clinic. Using hair from the man’s body and beard and using the Follicular Unit Extraction method of transplantation, Dr. Umar was able to provide a very satisfying result. Curious about options to fix a previous […]

This patient’s hair loss became catastrophic after a failed transplant procedure at another clinic that used the outdated “strip harvesting” technique. He was left with a huge scar, pluggy implants and an unnaturally straight hairline. He came to us hoping to have his strip scar hidden, his empty crown filled and his hairline made to […]

This patient wanted his hairline, temples, front scalp and crown restored, but in a way that retained as much donor hair as possible as a hedge against potential future hair loss. He came to Dr. Umar specifically in search of a Follicular Unit Extraction using head and nape hair, which is the perfect approach for […]