Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K

Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K : I started balding when I was 19 yrs old and by 24 I had lost a lot of hair on my scalp. The horseshoe pattern was clearly visible and I started to shave my head and sported a goatee. This look suited me and I had no intention of getting a hair restoration surgery done due to the high cost and I was very skeptical that the results would be good. After 7+ years of shaving my head twice a week I got really tired of it. There were a couple more reasons that finally made me decide to get a hair transplant (about 5-6 years back).

Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K – Before Dr U

I did enough research on the internet and knew I was a Norwood 7 (NW7). I also knew that I needed more than 8,000 grafts to cover all the bald areas. Since a body hair transplant ( BHT ) of 8,000+ grafts was too expensive I thought of getting hair transplanted from the back of my head. This was within my budget at that time. I contacted 3 doctors (none were doing UGraft BHT at that time) and two of them said that I didn’t have enough donor hair at the back of my head for a hair transplant (as my baldness was very severe). The third doctor said that he would do 2 hair transplants using the strip method to extract hair from the back of my head. He said that with the 2 procedures I would get about 5000 grafts and it would look good. I was not happy on hearing this as I knew that 5K grafts would not be sufficient to cover all the bald areas. To top that, if the hair transplant didn’t give the expected results I couldn’t go back to shaving my head as I would have a strip scar at the back of my head.

Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K – The Dr U Experience

I went back to shaving my head and forgot all about getting a hair transplant. About 2 years back I decided to consult Dr. Umar. I didn’t have high expectations as I was still short on money and didn’t know what he would say. I decided on Dr. Umar for 3 reasons

  1. He had a good reputation
  2. He was in California (the state where I was living)
  3. His pricing at that time was very reasonable for BHT (compared to the others doing BHT in US).

I drove to LA and had my consultation with Dr. Umar. My meeting with him went really well. He was very friendly and made me very comfortable. He understood my situation, empathized with me and also told me the facts as they stood. He told me to get at least 7000 grafts (as anything less would not look good – given the extent of my hair loss) from any doctor of my choice. He also told me that strip surgery was not the right choice for me as I didn’t have a lot of hair at the back and sides of my head. These statements matched whatever I had researched on the internet. I finally decided to invest the money and get a hair transplant (of 8000 grafts) done by Dr. Umar.

I met with Dr. Umar on the day of surgery and everything went very smoothly. He asked me if I wanted more density or a good hairline and we both agreed on the hairline as I could add density later if needed. I got 8000 grafts (back of my head + beard) transplanted in 5 days. I followed all the post-op instructions and after a year (9-12 months) I got the results that Dr. Umar had promised.

Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K – Before and After Photos

Dr U Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K - Before and after photos
Dr U Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K – Before and after photos*
Hair Restoration Testimonials by S.K – Video of Results

I was glad that I went with his suggestion of getting beard hair transplanted as my face healed really fast and the transplanted hair was a lot thicker than my chest hair. The hairline was an exact match to what I had about 16-18 years earlier. I looked at my old photos and it surprised me that the hairline he gave me was spot-on. The fact that he was able to do this without having seen my old photos is truly amazing and exemplifies the skill he has. I used to wear a baseball cap to hide my baldness and was finally able to get rid of it. Most of my colleagues at work didn’t even realize that I had gotten a hair transplant. They thought that I was wearing a cap to cover the thinning of hair on my scalp. I liked the results so much that I got another hair transplant (of 4000 grafts) to add more density to my scalp. It was my choice to go with 4000 grafts as Dr. Umar was only recommending about 2500-3K grafts. It has been about 4 months after my second hair transplant and the results are looking really good and I am very happy.

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