Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn
Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn : I had assumed that I was a “lost cause.” I had given up any hope that my situation could be fixed. About fourteen years ago, starting at the age of nineteen, I underwent a series of hair transplants. This was the early 1990’s, and at the time, many hair restoration surgeons were still using the large punch grafts—the ones that produced what is known as the “corn row effect.” The results were horrible. I found myself, now in my early twenties, with a disfigured scalp that could be spotted from fifty yards away. It was the darkest period of my life. Anger, shame, and guilt—all of these emotions dominated my thoughts.

Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn: Before Dr U

In order for me to re-connect with society, i.e., go to college,hold a job, attend family functions, etc., I realized that I had to wear a hairpiece. There was no other choice for me. I bit the proverbial bullet and began having hair glued to my scalp on a monthly basis. While this did not solve my problem, it did go a small way in allowing me to do some of the things previously mentioned, albeit with a constant undercurrent of anxiety.


Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn – Dr U Experience

About four years ago, I became aware of body hair transplantation BHT. Since I had a moderate amount of body hair, and had no scalp donor hair left—I followed with interest. I was skeptical at the beginning. However, over time, I observed that BHT was working for many people.Most of these people were in a similar situation to mine—basically no hope; in fact, some of these patients had been told that they were“beyond repair.” It soon became apparent to me that there were only a select few doctors in the world who were truly committed to the advancement of BHT as a true alternative for people such as myself. Dr. Umar was among that small group. I spoke with some of his patients. I followed his work on the Internet. He had built a strong reputation in a relatively short time. To make a long story short, I booked an appointment with him. For the first time in many years, I had hope.

As of this writing, it has been about seven months since my first procedure with Dr Umar. In total, I have received approximately 4800 grafts. Growth became apparent after the four-month mark—much to my delight. The procedure itself was not painful, and the healing has been remarkable. I will be able to face this coming summer shirtless, as there will be no visible signs of surgery. Most importantly, I know this: body hair works! Now, I still have a long way to go mind you. My baldness is extensive and will require more sessions to accomplish total hair restoration. That is OK. I take comfort in knowing that I’m headed in the right direction. That alone allows me to face the future with more confidence and a positive outlook. I am grateful that I was able to cross paths with Dr Umar. He is a surgeon blessed with the rare combination of technical skill, artistry, and integrity.

Shawn from MA

Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn – Before and After Photos

Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn before and after photos of Dr U Repair
Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn before and after photos of Dr U Repair*


Hair Restoration testimonials by Shawn – Video of Results


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