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Crown Restoration Using Beard hair – Body hair transplantation

Crown Restoration Using Beard hair : For this patient, Dr. Umar used facial hair to head transplant to move hairs from the patient’s beard to restore the balding crown, and available hairs from the nape of the patient’s neck and donor hair to refine the hairline. Because this patient had undergone a failed transplant procedure at another clinic, leaving him with a depleted donor area, continued baldness, and an unnaturally recessed hairline.

Balding Crown Restored Using Beard hair
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But through body hair transplants, Dr. Umar was able to restore his crown to a fuller look and enhance his confidence. By avoiding the traditional “strip harvesting” method of hair transplantation, which destroys available donor hair on the head, Dr. Umar opened up the available options for donor hair and created a most satisfying result.

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