Attempt at Scalp Micropigmentation For Receding Temples
UGraft FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

UGraft FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation: This patient decided to undergo a scalp micropigmentation procedure due to the recession of his hairline and temples. However, filling in the depleted area with pigment turned out to be a mistake since it was quite easy to tell what areas were colored with ink. The color assumed an unnatural greenish-blue hue and created an artificial looking hairline. He decided that an FUE hair transplant was necessary to create a more natural looking outcome.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

More people seem to be resorting to scalp micropigmentation as an alternative to hair transplantation or strip surgery.

The concept of SMP is similar to the process of having tattoo ink applied. However, actual procedures use specialized pigment and needles that have been created specifically for use on the scalp. Pigment shades are combined to mimic the patient’s natural hair color. And they are superficially injected as tiny dots into the scalp. The ideal effect should look like a closely shaved head. However, most results are not ideal looking with color mismatch, artificial looking large colored dots, and just the unnatural look of a 2D phenomenon trying to overcome a 3D defect.

750 FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation  – SMP Results

The patient in this video regretted his decision to undergo Scalp Micropigmentation to simulate a hairline.  The bluish hue, the unnatural 2D effect on the hairline and the solid painted look was unappealing to him. As an individual of African descent, he chose an Follicular unit extraction type hair surgery to camouflage the pigmented temples and restore a youthful hairline.

The main benefit of Follicular Unit Extraction is that there is no linear scar which results since punches are used to remove each graft individually. The opposite is true of strip surgery where a scalpel removes a narrow section of the scalp in order to obtain follicles.

One of the challenges of performing FUE  for patients of African descent is the curved shape of their hair follicles. Dr. U ‘s uGraft technology has specialized features which aids the removal of hair structures that are more difficult to extract, due to varied shapes and growth angles.

He was able to successfully extract 750 grafts from this patient’s scalp. These follicles were able to produce desired amounts of hair to cover the inked areas.

FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After
FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation: Close up view of the temples. The FUE results for this patient made it possible to completely obscure the inked regions of the scalp.*
Temples and SMP Repair Via Follicular Unit Extraction
Patient no longer has to worry about the mistakes of his SMP procedure being visible to other people.*
Frontal View of Scalp - Before and After FUE Hair Transplant Repairs Bad Scalp Micropigmentation
Frontal view of patient’s scalp where a natural looking coverage has been produced by Follicular Unit Extraction to cover the SMP mistakes*

Scalp Micropigmentation Repair With FUE – Patient’s Video

Watch this patient’s video as Dr. U discusses the repair of unwanted scalp micropigmentation through the use of Follicular Unit Extraction.

Final Advice Regarding SMP

This patient’s case illustrates why it is not a good idea to use scalp micropigmentation for the hairline and temples. It should be avoided altogether beyond the natural confines of the hair.

SMP might be more useful in low density areas which still have enough hair to cover the pigmented regions. The ink coloration can help create the illusion of fullness.

Those who want to consider SMP are advised to start with conservative amounts of ink. More can always be added. However excessive coloration is difficult to reverse.

Finally, scalp micropigmentation should be applied as a test spot to see if the pigment combination looks appropriate and would be desired for the target regions on the head.

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