Scalp Pigmentation on Patient| Before and After SMP via Tricopigmentation
Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Trichopigmentation

Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Trichopigmentation : This patient had undergone a body hair transplant to repair poor results from a past strip surgery conducted at another clinic. Achieving his desired coverage was accomplished using a donor pool of 6300 grafts. 4500 came from the beard area. Although he was quite pleased with his outcome, he decided to improve the appearance of his hair density through a scalp micropigmentation smp method known as Trichopigmentation.

Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Tricopigmentation : What is Trichopigmentation?

Much like tattooing, trichopigmentation and smp apply pigment below the skin’s surface using needles. The objective is to create an array of tiny dots in 2D that resemble the look of newly grown stubble.

With Trichopigmentation, the pigment is deposited much closer to the skin’s surface, compared to conventional SMP. This prevents bluish or greenish discoloration (known as the Tyndall effect) which occurs when light bends as it passes through the skin which contains tiny particles of suspended pigment.  Through superficial injections of pigment, the color is able to remain true and natural looking in appearance.

Also Trichopigmentation uses organic pigment which degrades on its own after two years. Therefore, patients can feel free to change their minds about having pigment on their scalp or elsewhere on their body.

Trichopigmentation As An Adjunct to Body Hair Transplantation

Although the use of scalp pigmentation can be applied to bald areas of the scalp, a far more natural looking appearance can be achieved when used to enhance the outcome of a hair transplant procedure. This gentleman’s results demonstrates this.

Trichopigmentation provided an effective means for improving the appearance of the patient’s density. It helped create a more even looking distribution of hair.

Dr. U notes that the quality of these results would not be possible using pigmentation alone, without the presence of hair growth.

These before and after photos show his outcome after two treatments.

Hairline| Scalp Micropigmentation Via Trichopigmentation
Tricopigmentation applied to the patient’s hairline and frontal scalp.*
Tricopigmentation| Top of Head - Scalp Pigmentation Results
The appearance of improved density was made possible through Trichopigmentation as shown, applied to the top of the head.*
Back of Head| Tricopigmentation Scalp Pigmentation Results
Side by side comparison showing the back of the patient’s head before and after his two Trichopigmentation treatment sessions.*
Scalp Pigmentation on Temples| Short Buzz Cut
Patient shown with improved even quality in the temples which resulted from scalp pigmentation applied through Trichopigmentation*
Beard Area Before and After Tricopigmentation
Patient also had Trichopigmentation applied to the beard areas of the face.*
Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Trichopigmentation Before and After SMP via Tricopigmentation
Side of of patient showing his Trichopigmentation results.*

Dr. U had applied pigment spots to the patient’s scalp, mindful to replicate the natural array of hair growth.

Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Trichopigmentation : Strip Scar Elimination

Trichopigmentation was also applied to the strip scar. The objective was to improve the appearance of hair density here as well.  These photos show the strip scar became even less noticeable through the use of this pigmentation method in conjunction with beard hair graft insertions.

Strip Scar Repair| SMP - Trichopigmentation
The strip scar appears much less visible after Trichopigmentation treatment.*
Strip Scar Revision| Trichopigmentation
Trichopigmentation enhanced the appearance of hair density on the patient’s scar, making it even less visible than before.*
Close Up View| Scalp Pigmentation via Trichopigmentation
Close up view of strip scar improvement resulting from Trichopigmentation which followed a beard hair to head transplant surgery.*

It should be noted that strip surgery changes the anatomy of the scalp by removing a section of the surface area.  Therefore, an inevitable line can be expected to be visible, especially with shorter hair cuts.

As this patient shows, grafts can be inserted into the scar tissue to reduce the line of emptiness that appears from the scar tissue. And through the use of Trichopigmentation, the enhanced appearance of hair density can further reduce the visibility of the scar, while rendering a very convincing looking result.

Hair Density Improved with Body Hair Transplantation & Trichopigmentation – Video

In this video, Dr. U discusses the use of Trichopigmentation as a complementary treatment to body hair transplant surgery. The patient also provides feedback in his own words, saying, “I think this is probably the only combination of procedures that could have achieved these results from any doctor.” He also added, “It looks so natural that nobody has commented.”

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