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Rumble In The Mud

Rumble In The Mud Pit

At Derm Hair Clinic, we foster a work culture that is dedicated to excellent service and patient care. But also, we like to enjoy life and participate in opportunities to give back and be a positive force in the community.

On September 14, 2013, we participated in Mud Run II, which was held in Acton, near the Antelope Valley. This is an event series sponsored by the Wounded Warrior’s Project. And it is organized by a father and son team, Ted and Kyle Guilmette (who served in Afghanistan)

The Wounded Warrior’s Project is a non profit that provides events, programs and resources to veterans who were wounded in military engagements following 9/11. The organization is dedicated to economically empowering former soldiers and helping them adjust back to civilian life.

The 5K Mud Run that we were involved in consisted of:

  • 80 foot water slide
  • 26 obstacles
  • An A-frame chain link climb
  • 40 foot plank walk

Here are pictures of our team getting down and dirty!

Dr. U's staff at Mud Run
at the starting line
Dr. U and staff Rumble in the Mud
Dr. Umar and our team are excited to get started with the run.
Dr. U's team at Rumble in the Mud event
running in 99 degree weather for a great cause
Dr. U and team at Mud Run
standing at the A-frame wall
Dr. U's team having fun
undeterred by the wet mud challenge
Dr. U's team at community event
wet and dirty, but still having a great time


Dermhair Clinic Dr. U staff
victory at the finish line


Although it was 99 degrees, there was a lot of water and mud to balance out the heat and help the group of200 participants cool down.

Ted Guilmette and Mike Minton, a senior master sergeant came up with the concept for the Mud Run, which has now become a regular event. According to Minton, “One of the things Wounded Warrior does is take people with missing legs and arms and gets them back out there doing running….To go from being injured on the battle field to being able to compete again with prosthetics helps guys feel like they’re back in the community.”

Valley Press of the Antelope Valley did a story on this event and discussed our participation as well
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