Q. Hair restoration: Is there a 5% Rogaine for women?
Until recently, Rogaine ( Minoxidil )  5% is generally recommended for use by men for hair restoration, while the 2% concentration is considered safe for males and females. The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the drug (e.g. Pfizer, the makers of Rogaine)  have received FDA approval to commercialize 5% Rogaine for women. It has been approved for a once daily use regimen. However, there have been small clinical trial studies which show that the 5% concentration is significantly more effective compared to the 2% product in women.

5% Rogaine for women is not without caveats

While FDA has approved its use, the use of 5% Rogaine for women should still be approached with caution. All the precautions that go into the use of 2% apply to a higher degree.  It is still advised that an initial consultation be made with a dermatologist and the treatment be overseen by one.


5% Rogaine for women approved by the FDA
Rogaine is a hair loss medication that can be applied topically to increase blood flow to the scalp and help reduce the extent of hair loss.

Is Aldactone, A Rogaine Alternative for Women with Hair Loss ?

Read about the FDA approval of Minoxidil here http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/index.cfm?fuseaction=Search.SearchAction&SearchType=BasicSearch&SearchTerm=MINOXIDIL

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