Polygonum Multiflorum & Natural Hair Restoration
Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment
Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment : The use of natural extracts such as polygonum multiflorum and oils for the treatment of hair loss is widespread. Dr Umar (Dr U) is an advocate for the avoidance of drugs and chemicals where possible. Since nature based hair loss remedies are in the rise, Dr U believes that patients should be well informed about the various nature based remedies out there. This article focuses on the use of Polygonum Multiforum (also called Fo-Ti) by hair loss suffers.

Polygonum multiflorum root is used in Chinese medicine for a wide range of health conditions. Recent research studies also support its effectiveness in treating hair loss.

Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment
There are many natural hair restoration ingredients which are supported by research studies.*

Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment : Background

Polygonum multiflorum is a plant root which grows in the central and southern regions of China, Japan, Taiwan and certain parts of North America. What is particularly interesting about its appearance is that it has the shape of a human.

This compound has been used medicinally for centuries for conditions like:

  • insomnia
  • atherosclerosis
  • high cholesterol
  • bone loss
  • eczema
  • goiter

It is even used to reverse premature grey hair.

In one research study consisting of 24 male subjects and 24 female subjects (age 30-60),

4g of P.Multiflorum extract was orally administered, twice a day. The participants suffered from various hair loss causes including:

  • pregnancy
  • age/genetics
  • side effects from drugs
  • stress

After a month of treatment, P.Multiflorum was able to produce symptomatic improvement in both sexes. This included:

(1) 91% of men

(2) 87% of women

In another study, 507 subjects were observed. P. multiflorum was administered orally. Researchers noted the following results:

  • reduction of hair loss in 77% of subjects who took the extract
  • Over 90% of the participants who were treated with the compound showed marked improvement in hair growth after 6 months.
  • 95% of the subjects in the treatment group experienced a halt in excessive hair shedding

One research study studied the effects of administering P. Multiflorum topically. A tonic with Eclipta alba and P. multiflorum was able to produce significant improvement in 62% subjects diagnosed with alopecia. The treatment period lasted for 1-3 months. Another version of this tonic was also reported to cure alopecia in 30 out of 36 subjects. The remaining four experienced a noticeable reduction in hair loss.

Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment : Mecanism of hair growth.

Researchers observed the effects of P. multiflorum in mice to try and understand the mechanism of action of this compound. They believe that the compound helps induce the anagen growth phase by interacting with two specific proteins in the telogen hair follicles:

(1) B-catenin

(2) Sonic hedgehog

In another study, scientists isolated different components of a P. multiflorum extract, consisting of 70% alcohol. These were simply labeled as (1, 2, 3, 6 and 10). The researchers observed the effect of each factor on:

(1) proliferation of derma papilla cells

(2) length of hair shafts

It turns out that compound 2 yielded the best results. In terms of derma papilla cell division, it even outperformed Minoxidil.

Compound 2 was also shown to grow hair significantly longer after just 21 days of treatment.

Besides simply addressing hair, the compound is also capable of improving many other areas of health. And when the body is healthy, this will in turn contribute to the long term well being of the hair follicles.

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