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Dr. Umar Performs Facial Hair Transplantation For Restoration And Repair

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  • Front View of Patient's Beard Hair Transplant

Previous scalp reductions and hair transplant procedures gave this patient a series of scars and a worsened state of baldness. He presented to DermHair Clinic after hearing about Dr. Umar’s work with advanced FUE and facial hair transplant. The patient wanted his front, middle, and crown filled in to not only restore hair, but also to cover up the obvious scarring, which was showing more as his pattern baldness progressed. Even his use of the powder concealer Toppik was no longer working. This was due to the fact that he had become severely bald and even lacked sufficient head donor […]

Phase Two: 5000 BHT Grafts From Beard And Chest

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  • Side View of Body Hair Transplant Results -14000 Grafts

This patient underwent a strip surgery that yielded subpar results, leaving him with a strip scar, sparsely and poorly placed hair over the crown, and a pluggy hairline. It required a two-phase surgery for this patient to get the results he desired. With the patient lacking sufficient head donor hair, the first phase enlisted body hair transplant, largely using beard and chest hair, along with some hair from the head and nape of his neck. Dr. Umar transplanted a total of 9,000 grafts. The results pictured here are from the second phase of his BHT operation, where Dr. Umar used […]

Patient With Large Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Bumps – Dr. Umar’s Surgical Solution

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  • Surgical Treatment of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

Acne keloidalis nuchae—AKN—is a condition that starts as papules and pustules in the hair follicle and manifests in inflamed and painful keloidlike lesions, developing on the occipital scalp and/or rear neck. It sometimes appears as razor bumps on the back of the head at first. This uncomfortable mass of tissue created by AKN has no relation to acne vulgaris but, rather, is a type of chronic folliculitis. Where the skin is distressed by the condition, there is also a disruption of the normal growth of hair. For this reason, AKN is considered a cause of cicatricial alopecia. The featured patient […]

FUE Hair Restoration Achieves Desired Hairline Transplant

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Eight months after his FUE hair restoration, this patient has the full, natural-looking hairline he desired. He wanted a hairline transplant to fix his temple point recession, but wanted a conservative repair and no scarring. Dr. Umar grafted 1450 donor follicles from the patient’s head and nape of the neck to achieve a successful hairline transplant. This FUE hair restoration resulted in a gradual and healthy hairline. If you’re considering a hairline transplant, watch this video to find out if an FUE hair restoration is the solution for you.

Crown Hair Transplant Success Using FUE

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“I don’t remember my hair ever being this thick,” a Dr. Umar patient said after recovery from his FUE procedure. The patient required a crown hair transplant and wanted his receding hairline filled in. Dr. Umar transplanted 3500 FUE grafts from the head and nape of the neck to the patient’s hairline, front, and crown. The results of his FUE crown hair transplant are excellent. If you are interested in a crown hair transplant through FUE, see the success with your own eyes; watch this video of Dr. Umar’s satisfied patient.

Body Hair Transplant – BHT Restored Patient’s NW 6 hair loss

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  • Body Hair Grafts | Single Haired Follicles

This patient suffered from a near-complete NW 6 hair loss. With head donor hair nearly depleted, he needed body hair transplantation – BHT to restore his thinning hair. Dr. Umar transplanted 20,000 grafts—5,000 head, 15,000 body—to complete this patient’s Restoration. He underwent two BHT surgeries, spaced one year apart. Twelve months after the second surgery, the results are amazing. Thinning hair is no longer a concern for this patient, as his severe NW 6 hair loss is now a thing of the past. According to Dr Umar, patients with rellative or absolute lack of donor supply either because of severe […]

Best Body Hair Transplant Repair Result In The World

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  • Body Hair Grafts Repairs Botched Results

Many treatments for hair loss fall short and in some instance have resulted in disastrous outcomes. This patient tried several treatments for hair loss, which resulted in botched outcomes that worsened his loss of hair, leaving him scarred and deformed. At other clinics, he’d tried the double flap procedure, several scalp reductions, and the “strip harvesting” method. These treatments for hair loss all left the patient with worse results and further loss of hair. The patient presented to Dr. Umar for hair transplant repair using the body hair transplant technique that he perfected. Because his past surgeries had depleted his head donor […]

Receding Hairline Restored Using 3500 FUE Grafts

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Dr. Umar used his FUE method of hair transplantation to replenish this patient’s receding hairline. 3500 FUE grafts were taken from the patient’s head and nape of the neck. Dr. Umar then transplanted the donor hair follicles in the receding hairline area. Nineteen months post-surgery, the patient’s receding hairline is no longer detectable. He now has a full and healthy-looking hairline due to the innovation of FUE.  

Hairline Transplant Success With Follicular Unit Extraction

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This patient came to Dr. Umar after having had a quality hair transplant at another clinic. The previous procedure left him needing a hairline transplant, due to the fact that he had a harsh, unnatural-looking hairline.  Using follicular unit extraction, Dr. Umar transferred 1,000 grafts from the patient’s head and nape of his neck to complete the hairline transplant. Thanks to follicular unit extraction, the patient now has the hairline he desired. If you desire a more gradual hairline, this example shows that this aim is certainly feasible.

FUE Restoration Achieves More Natural-Looking Hairline

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  • Side View of FUE Hairline Repair

The “strip harvesting” method takes donor hair from the place of thickest hair density: the back of the head. Besides leaving a strip scar, this method may leave the patient with a severe, unnatural-looking hairline. This patient had that experience at a previous clinic. He came to Dr. Umar for an FUE hairline restoration, desiring less hair density in that area. Dr. Umar transplanted 1,000 FUE grafts for a hairline restoration that would achieve a more natural look. Do you need a hairline repair or more natural hair density? Watch this video to see the results of an FUE procedure. […]