FUE hair transplant cost variables
What are the FUE hair transplant cost determining factors ?
A follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a permanent solution to address hair loss. A FUE hair transplant is the best hair loss treatment for a number of reasons, including efficacy, a natural appearance and less invasive surgery than other methods. Due to its growing popularity, patients also want to know the price range for FUE hair transplant cost determining factors.


FUE hair transplant cost determining factors vary. The price for a FUE hair transplant tends to be higher than other methods since it’s more time-intensive and requires more skill. The surgical center and surgeon you choose to perform the procedure also determine FUE hair transplant cost. It’s important to weigh all the cost factors in addition to the results to determine the best hair loss treatment for you.

Typically, cost is based on:

  • Needs and goals of the patient
  • Surgeon skill level and expertise
  • Technique employed [FUE vs. FUSS, body hair transplantation (BHT)]
  • Long-term satisfaction of results

Needs and Goals of the Patient

FUE hair transplant cost determining factors are affected by your particular needs and goals. These variables include the extent of your hair loss, if you have suitable hair for donor supply, possible past issues from other hair transplants and your desired cosmetic appearance. For instance, if you are completely bald you will require more grafts for transplantation. More grafts increase FUE hair transplant cost. Additionally, both your availability of donor hair supply and whether you have issues from past surgeries dictates the type of best hair loss treatment surgery.

Surgeon Skill Level and Expertise

Surgeons with more experience and expertise usually equate to FUE hair transplant  being more expensive. For instance, our uGraft technique, also known as the Umar Procedure, uses a two-step follicular extraction with special punches for precision and safety. The uGraft technique is an advanced method of traditional FUE hair transplantation. It may cost slightly more but by incorporating BHT when necessary, it produces superior results and allows more patients to have full hair restoration.

DermHair Clinic has also perfected the use of motorized devices in FUE and we’re a leading authority in large volume transplantation of non-head hair.

This experience and qualifications effects cost of FUE hair transplant compared to surgeons who perform simpler transplantation. However, DermHair Clinic’s methods of hair loss treatment are considered reasonable in the broad spectrum of cost.

Technique Employed

More sophisticated hair transplantation techniques cost more, such as FUE and BHT. FUE and BHT require the surgeon to have a more advanced skill set and are typically more time consuming. Additionally, they tend to produce better results in more patients, especially those with more difficult cases or more severe hair loss. However, results are never guaranteed due to outside factors.

Long-term Patient Satisfaction

Those considering a hair transplant should keep in mind the ultimate goal of the surgery and what they want in terms of aesthetic results. While the less expensive FUSS technique may offer appealing results, patients with additional hair loss may require additional surgery. Additionally, the strip scar from FUSS is increasingly difficult to hide if a patient suffers more hair loss.

In terms of short-term versus long-term patient satisfaction, FUE or BHT is usually the best hair loss treatment in regards to permanent results. They also typically do not require another surgery or leave invasive scarring.

Typical Methods of Hair Clinic Charges

Hair clinics typically employ three methods of charging for transplantation.

  • Per graft: Total cost is based on total grafts needed. The fee is prorated at a given rate regardless of number of grafts.
  • Sliding scale: Clinics charge based on how many total grafts are needed based on per graft totals in different price point ranges
  • Per session: If a clinic charges a flat fee of $5,000 for a 600-graft session, it would charge three sessions for a patient needing 1,800 grafts
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