Gravity Theory of Hair Loss and Baldness
Hair Restoration Options for the Severely Bald
Hair Restoration Options for the Severely Bald : Patients with severe baldness as in having no head hair except for a narrow rim of hair on the back and sides of the head are considered poor candidates for traditional hair restoration surgeries.


Most men who experience male pattern baldness are on the low side for hair loss, considered beneath stage III on the Norwood scale. If your hair loss reflects the lower stages, you have more options for hair restoration. You may first want to try a topical solute on such as Rogaine or medication such as Rogaine.

You may just want to explore surgery with follicular unit extraction (FUE) for permanent hair restoration. However, hair restorations options are more limited if you are already experiencing serious hair loss above stage VI.

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Hair restoration options for the severely bald differ from those with mild to moderate hair loss.


Hair restoration treatment options for the severely bald are typically more complicated due to either lack of efficacy or lack of traditional donor hair for surgical restoration. Surgical restoration may also be less effective regarding traditional hair transplant methods.

Topical Solutions and Medication

Rogaine and Propecia are generally ineffective used at the higher stages of hair loss. They simply don’t work fast enough to produce results and don’t restore the hairline. Additionally, new hair growth doesn’t always occur. Both typically do not help severely bald patients because treatment started too late.

Surgical Hair Transplant Options

Patients who are severely bald are typically not candidates for surgical restoration options due to lack of traditional donor hair on the head. Transplants typically use 5,000 to 7,000 follicles for restoration. A severely bald person who lacks traditional donor hair may only be able to restore a tenth of lost hair. Obviously this results in poor coverage.

However, UGraft advanced FUE methods allow for effective surgical hair restoration options. Body hair transplantation (BHT), also known as body hair to head transplant, uses non-head hair and transplants it to recipient areas. This technique expands the donor area and source since hair can be harvested from other parts of the head and body, including beard, chest and leg hair.

Benefits of Body Hair Transplant

  • Suitable for the severely bald
  • Expands donor area
  • Continuous hair supply
  • May repair previous botched surgery
  • Highly effective for eyebrow restoration
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