Before Patient's FUE Transplant With 3500 Grafts
FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts

FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts : This patient wanted his hairline, temples, front scalp and crown restored, but in a way that retained as much donor hair as possible as a hedge against potential future hair loss. His condition was labeled as Norwood 3 baldness. But based on cues from the existing hair on his head, it was quite likely that his hair loss could progress to a Norwood 5.

The patient came to Dr. Umar specifically in search of a Follicular Unit Extraction using head and nape hair, which is the perfect approach for this type of hair restoration.

With FUE, tiny micro surgical punches are used to remove tiny naturally occurring clusters of hair. These are compiled into a donor pool and inserted according to natural hair growth patterns on different regions of the head.

With the use of punches, there is no linear scar which inevitably remains after strip surgery. Therefore, patients feel much more free to wear their hair as short as they want without any fear of exposing a noticeable scar.

Furthermore, UGraft advanced Follicular Unit Extraction enables surgeons to choose different types of hair in order to create very detailed looking results. Since nape hair is thinner compared to standard head hair, it is ideal for use as grafts to restore the hairline edge so that the final outcome looks very natural.

FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts – Before and After Photos – 5 Months

The patient’s results are shown at just 5 months following the insertion of 3500 grafts of head hair removed through Follicular Unit Extraction.

FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts - before and after photos
Dr. U improved the patient’s global density through FUE. Here are before and after photos showing the top of the patient’s head.*
Crown Hair Restoration | Follicular Unit Extraction
Sparseness in the patient’s crown was reversed through the patient’s FUE hair transplant procedure.*
Patient's New Hairline and Temples| Before and After
Patient’s new hairline and temples created a youthful looking frame around his face that greatly improved his appearance.*

Photos of Patient’s Results at 18 Months

Images of the patient’s results were also taken by Dr. U’s office at 18 months.

FUE Crown Hair Restoration| Before and After - 18 Month Point
Original view of patient’s crown compared to results at 18 months.*
FUE Restored Crown| Improved Density at 18 Months
Patient showing youthful looking crown as a result of his FUE hair restoration with Dr. U*
Temple Hair Restoration|FUE Results - Before and After
Side view of patient’s FUE results showing the advancement of his temple points.*
FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts Hairline and Temples
Patient’s results at 18 months showing his new hairline and temples created through FUE surgery.*

FUE Hair restoration Using 3,500 Grafts – Patient’s Video

In the patient’s video below, excellent growth at five months as well as the eighteen month mark which is the average for the results of most hair transplant surgeries to fully manifest.

Dr. U discusses the different aspects of the hair restoration procedure which were targeted for this individual.

5 Months

18 Months

Journal publication on use of finer nape hair for creation of softer natural looking hairlines

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