More Hair Transplant Grafts From Siblings?
Person to Person Hair Transplant – Is it Possible
Person to Person Hair Transplant is it possible : With all this talk about hair restoration for extreme cases—the genetically bald, sufferers of illness, survivors of disease, victims of burns and surgical scarring—why is there such a commotion about donor hair? Who are good hair restoration surgery donors? It seems to be the crux of all hair transplant dilemmas and the impetus for most developments in the field. But shouldn’t the problem of donor hair be easily solvable without the use of body hair or an undefined future of hair cloning? Can’t a brother, sister, or cousin with good follicular fortune donate their follicles to family member suffering with hair loss in a person to person hair transplant ? The answer is no. Hair restoration just doesn’t work that way, and here’s why…

Person to Person Hair Transplant - Is it Possible
(image- Creative Commons) Hair transplant donor grafts must come from the same patient or a genetically identical twin, not a regular sibling or relatives

Person to Person Hair Transplant – Is it Possible

While donor grafts are only a microscopic one-millimeter these days, and a single hair follicle even smaller, they are still human tissue. They are a part of our body just like our skin and our bones, and thus, they carry our unique DNA.

Yes, science and medicine can achieve critical organ transplants in life or death circumstances. But when such surgeries are performed, the immune system of the recipient will see this new heart, kidney, bone marrow, etc. as a foreign threat and unleash a violent attack. The recipient must take serious immunosuppressive drugs in order for the transplant to “take.” A hair transplant performed by taking grafts from one person and implanting it in another person without such medications would fail, as the body would reject the transplants and they would fall out.

Doctors don’t use these drugs for hair transplant because they are dangerous. They make the user highly susceptible to serious illness and infection while the immune system is suppressed. For a hair restoration surgery, this high risk is considered far too extreme. Thus, the only person who could hypothetically donate his hair to another is an identical twin, since they share the same DNA.

Person to Person Hair Transplant Is not A good idea, What would the the severely bald do?

This is why there is such a fight to find and develop donor sources from within the patient himself. Body hair and cloned hair sourced by the same person will have the right DNA. So far, the only answer to severe baldness and extreme cases of hair loss is body hair transplant. There is continued research and development happening for a future of viable hair cloning.

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